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Buildner has a proven history of partnering with world’s leading universities and educational institutions, driving innovation in their architecture curriculum and opening doors for students to partake in international competitions. Our global architecture competitions serve as a catalyst for transformative experiences in educational settings. Collaborate with us and enrich your institution's offerings with a world-class competitive edge.

Scenario 1

Elevate Your Curriculum

Buildner competitions isn't just about selecting a winning design. It's about creating a real-world, dynamic learning platform within your curriculum. We provide a comprehensive framework that turns the competitions into a crucial part of your students' coursework. As a result, students gain first-hand experience working on genuine architectural projects and competing on a global stage.


Practical learning

By tackling real-world architectural challenges, students go beyond theoretical knowledge and hone their professional skills

Global exposure

Participating in an international competition brings attention to your students and your institution from architects, educators, and students worldwide

Innovation boost

The competitive environment pushes students to think creatively and come up with groundbreaking solutions

Career enhancement

Participation and recognition in the competition add significant value to your students' professional portfolios

Buildner Architecture University Rankings

1334 universities and schools

Explore the Buildner University Rankings featuring thousands of talented architecture students from universities worldwide who have already showcased their brilliance in our prestigious competitions. Elevate your institution's reputation and empower your students to leave their mark on the global architectural stage.

Scenario 2

Transform your coursework into a global competition

Does your university have a visionary idea for a potential architectural project that you'd like your students to work on as part of their coursework? Partner with us at Buildner and we'll turn this theoretical project into a full-fledged international architecture ideas competition.

In this scenario, we take your coursework concept and craft it into a competition brief that is then opened up to submissions from architects worldwide. This provides your students with a unique opportunity - not only do they get to work on this challenge as part of their curriculum, but they also get to observe and learn from the innovative solutions proposed by international professionals and students alike.


Real-world challenge

The transformation of a coursework idea into a global competition allows your students to work on real-world challenges, amplifying their learning experience

Global collaboration

As your coursework idea reaches international competitors, it fosters a collaborative environment for your students to interact with peers and professionals globally

Exposure to diverse ideas

By inviting international entries, students are exposed to a range of innovative solutions to their coursework problem, broadening their architectural understanding and perspective

Promotion of the institution

Your institution's name is highlighted globally through the competition, enhancing its reputation and standing in the architectural and academic communities

Ignite architectural excellence at your university

Ready to revolutionize your architecture curriculum and provide your students with unparalleled real-world experiences? Take the leap and partner with Buildner to empower your students to showcase their talent on a global stage.

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