Case study

The Buildner-Kingspan innovative partnership

Discover how Buildner and Kingspan orchestrated the Microhome Competition, one of the most successful events in the architectural industry. This case study reveals the strategies, execution, and impacts that made it a groundbreaking achievement. Dive into the details of this remarkable collaboration.



Kingspan's objectives in sponsoring architectural competition

A strategic approach to industry engagement
Enhancing brand recognition

Aimed at amplifying Kingspan's brand presence in the architectural community, highlighting its commitment to innovative design and quality.

Demonstrating product

Focused on showcasing the versatility and innovation of Kingspan products within real-world architectural applications.

Cultivating industry relationships

Geared towards building and nurturing connections with architects and designers, establishing a supportive community around the Kingspan brand.

Promoting educational engagement

Intended to provide learning opportunities and professional growth for emerging architects, reinforcing Kingspan's role in educational support.

Expanding business networks

Targeted at creating new business opportunities and partnerships, fostering a network of industry contacts and potential collaborations.


Buildner-Kingspan microhome competition

Realizing Goals through Innovative Design Challenges

The microhome competition invited architects, designers, and students to conceptualize a 25 square meter living space, integrating Kingspan's advanced building materials. This challenge was not just about creating small living spaces but also about pushing the boundaries of design, sustainability, and functionality.

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Objectives and structure

Encouraging innovative use of Kingspan products

The competition's primary objective was to encourage the innovative use of Kingspan's building materials. Participants were required to incorporate specific Kingspan products into their designs, demonstrating their functionality and aesthetic appeal in small-scale living environments.

List of Kingspan products that were included in the competition brief, offering participants a range of innovative options to integrate into their architectural designs

QuadCore AWP LEC Wall Panel

Insulated panels offer a rapid-build system and ease of disassembly. This lower embodied carbon wall panel option offers a range of aesthetic profiles.

QuadCore KS1000RW LEC Roof Panel

Insulated panels offer a rapid-build system and ease of disassembly. This lower embodied carbon roof panel option comes in a trapezoidal profile.

Dri-Design Cassette System

This rapid-build aluminium cassette system offers stunning aesthetic flexibility and is mounted on Kingspan’s Karrier insulated wall panel system.

Solatube Tubular Skylight

A sleek unobtrusive tubular skylight that brings natural daylight into the space and has a solar powered nightlight built in.

Troldtekt v-line Accoustic Ceiling Tile

This attractive award-winning ceiling tile is made from woodwool and FUTURECEM and comes in a range of designs and colours.

Rainwater Harvesting SLIMLINE TANK

A range of steel slimline water tanks suitable for urban dwellings, helping home-owners reduce water usage and conserve this precious natural resource.

Showcasing design versatility

The 25 sqm constraint pushed participants to think creatively about space utilization, sustainability, and comfort, aligning with Kingspan's focus on innovative building solutions.

Engagement with the global architectural community

The competition was open to participants worldwide, fostering a global dialogue around sustainable living and innovative architectural practices.

Highlighting sustainability

A key aspect of the competition was to address sustainability in architecture. Kingspan's products are known for their energy efficiency and sustainability, and the competition provided a practical platform to showcase these attributes.

Networking and professional development

By attracting a wide range of participants, the competition served as a networking hub for architects and designers. It also offered a significant professional development opportunity, especially for emerging talents in the field.

Awards and recognition

To encourage participation and recognize outstanding designs, Kingspan and Buildner offered a substantial prize pool, with the top design awarded €150,000. This not only underlined the competition's prestige but also demonstrated Kingspan's commitment to supporting architectural innovation.

150,000 €

Prize fund


Comprehensive management by Buildner: streamlining the competition process

Buildner orchestrating every aspect for seamless execution

Buildner's involvement was key to the seamless execution and success of the event, handling everything from design and branding to participant engagement and jury coordination.

Designing the competition's identity

We took the lead in creating the competition's unique identity. This involved developing a compelling theme and visual design that not only aligned with Kingspan's objectives but also resonated within the architectural community. Our expertise in branding was crucial in establishing a distinct and appealing image for the competition.

Developing the competition brief

A key responsibility was crafting the competition brief. We meticulously outlined the requirements, expectations, and guidelines, ensuring they were both challenging and inspiring. This document served as the cornerstone for participants, guiding their design process and submissions.

Creating and managing the competition website

Our team was also responsible for the development and maintenance of the competition's website. This platform functioned as the central hub for information, submissions, and updates, playing a pivotal role in the competition's digital engagement and interaction with participants.

Managing communications with participants and the jury

Effective communication was a critical aspect of our role. We ensured consistent and clear communication with participants, providing support and updates throughout the competition. Additionally, we facilitated the dialogue and coordination with the competition jury, overseeing a transparent and fair judging process.

Overseeing media relations

Our role extended to managing media relations, ensuring the competition's visibility and coverage across a range of architectural publications and platforms. This involved liaising with media outlets to amplify the competition's reach and impact in the architectural community.

Buildner engaging media, academia, and participants for global impact

Buildner’s established networks and digital presence played a crucial role in ensuring that the competition garnered attention from the global architectural community and beyond.

Extensive media coverage through established channels

Buildner’s well-established connections with leading architecture media outlets were pivotal in achieving extensive media coverage for the competition. This included features in world-renowned architecture publications and platforms such as:

  • Archdaily

    Known as one of the most visited architecture websites worldwide, Archdaily’s coverage significantly amplified the competition's visibility.

  • Designboom

    As a leading digital magazine for architecture and design culture, Designboom’s feature attracted a diverse audience of design enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Architectural Review Magazine

    The inclusion in this prestigious printed magazine lent an additional layer of credibility and exposure to the competition.

Leveraging Buildner’s social media influence

The competition gained significant traction through Buildner's robust social media presence, reaching over 1 million followers. This extensive digital reach allowed for swift and widespread dissemination of the competition details, engaging a wide audience of architecture and design enthusiasts.

Buildner’s internal networks

Crucially, Buildner’s internal network of over 250,000 architects and designers provided a direct line of communication to a highly targeted and engaged audience. This network, cultivated over years, was invaluable in promoting the competition to potential participants who are deeply invested in the field of architecture.

250 000+

Architects and designers

Where are the participants from?

Buildner’s academic networks

Furthermore, Buildner’s extensive academic network, encompassing over 1,000 universities globally, allowed the competition to reach the academic sector effectively. This outreach ensured that the competition was not only visible to current professionals but also to the next generation of architects and designers, fostering educational engagement and professional development.


Universities globally

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Through Buildner's strategic media outreach and extensive networks, the Kingspan Microhome Competition achieved a remarkable level of global visibility and engagement

This comprehensive approach to media reach played a crucial role in the competition’s success, ensuring widespread awareness and participation from diverse corners of the architectural community.

Assembling a stellar jury panel: Buildner's expertise in action

Curating a Diverse Array of Industry Leaders

Jury panel composition

Our commitment to excellence was reflected in the composition of the jury panel. We leveraged our extensive network, cultivated over a decade, to assemble over 300 members for various competitions. For the Microhome competition, we brought together a diverse and esteemed group of industry professionals:


Jury members in our network

See list of our guest jury

Role and contributions

Each jury member was selected for their unique expertise and contribution to the field of architecture. They brought diverse perspectives and insights, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced assessment of the competition entries. Their involvement not only enhanced the competition’s prestige but also ensured that the judging process was aligned with the highest standards of architectural excellence.

Brent Trenga

Director of Sustainability, Kingspan Insulated Panels


David Basulto

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, ArchDaily


Ben Van Berkel



Paolo Flores

Director, Zaha Hadid Architects


Flora Lee

Associate Partner, MAD Architects


Martina Martino

CEO, Mario Cucinella Architects


Silvana Ordinas

Founder and Partner, Peter Pichler Architecture


Carlo Ratti

Director, MIT Senseable City Lab


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