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Buildner has a successful history of fostering partnerships with some of the world's leading construction product brands. Specializing in organizing architecture competitions, we provide an influential platform for your products to shine and interact with key industry professionals such as architects and designers, who are the pivotal decision-makers in the sector. Join us for your success story to be the next one we share.

Why choose architecture competitions?

Architecture competitions provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value and versatility of your construction products to architects and designers. By participating in these competitions, you can effectively reach decision-makers in the industry and create a lasting impact.

Benefits for construction product brands:

Direct exposure

Architecture competitions provide a direct platform to showcase your construction products to architects and designers, who actively seek innovative solutions

Global reach

Architecture competitions attract participants from around the world, providing a global platform to increase brand visibility and reach new markets

Product showcase

Competitions allow you to demonstrate the capabilities and applications of your products in real-world design scenarios, enabling architects and designers to envision their potential

Talent identification

Competitions offer the chance to identify emerging design talent and establish relationships with influential architects and designers who can become brand advocates

Attract global talent

Architecture competitions draw talented architects from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a wealth of creative ideas and a global network of industry professionals

Market growth

Launching a competition with your products as the focal point can drive market demand, positioning them as industry leaders and generating interest among professionals

Brand differentiation

Associating your brand with prestigious architecture competitions establishes credibility, sets you apart from competitors, and positions your products as preferred choices

Thought leadership

By engaging with architecture competitions, you position your brand as a thought leader in the industry, showcasing your expertise and commitment to innovation

Networking opportunities

Competitions foster collaboration and networking among industry professionals, providing valuable opportunities to connect with architects, designers, and decision-makers

Building relationships

Partnering with Buildner to launch a competition enables you to build relationships with architects, designers, and industry influencers, fostering long-term connections and brand loyalty

Inspiration for designs

By participating in competitions, your products can inspire architects and designers to explore new design possibilities, pushing the boundaries of creativity

Launch a competition with

Partnering with Buildner allows you to launch your own architecture competition, tailored to showcase your construction products. We offer end-to-end competition management services, ensuring a seamless experience for both sponsors and participants.

End-to-End service

Our all-inclusive service manages the competition from start to finish. We handle everything from submission management to publicity, ensuring a smooth experience for you

Quality assurance

With comprehensive judging criteria and a panel of renowned industry professionals, we guarantee top-notch designs from our competitions

Transparent process

We uphold fairness and transparency in all our competitions. Our integrity measures and participant KYC ensure an equal platform for all talents

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Drive market growth

Position your construction products as industry leaders and drive market demand by showcasing their potential through the competition

Gain exposure

Reach architects and designers worldwide, increasing your brand visibility and product awareness.

Inspire innovation

Challenge participants to incorporate your products in their designs, pushing the boundaries of what is possible

Create engagement

Foster collaboration and networking opportunities among industry professionals, building relationships and brand loyalty

Access design talent

Identify emerging design talent and establish relationships with influential architects and designers who can become brand advocates

Case study: Kingspan’s Microhome

Kingspan teams up with Buildner for architectural innovation!


Official PARTNER

Kingspan, a global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions, has joined forces with Buildner, renowned for orchestrating some of the most dynamic and engaging architectural competitions worldwide.

This collaboration has paved the way for the Microhome Competition, a platform not only showcasing cutting-edge design but also emphasizing sustainability and innovative use of Kingspan’s products. This partnership underlines a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity, offering a unique stage for designers and architects globally to display their talents and vision.

Case study

Partner with Buildner to launch your architecture competition, showcasing your construction products to architects, designers, and industry leaders. Our expert team ensures a seamless experience, enhancing your brand recognition.

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