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The Buildner-Dubai innovative partnership

Insights into a pioneering architectural collaboration between Buildner and Dubai government

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Dubai government’s objectives in sponsoring architectural competition

A strategic approach to industry engagement
Designs for residents

Primarily, the competition seeks innovative housing designs that cater to the needs and aspirations of Dubai's residents, enhancing their living experience.

Boosting public image and global presence

The event showcases Dubai as a leader in innovative urban development, enhancing its image on the global stage.

Encouraging sustainable and smart urban development

The competition focuses on promoting sustainable and smart living solutions, aligning with environmental goals and advancing urban sustainability.

Creating a laboratory for innovation

It serves as a platform for experimenting with new architectural ideas, technologies, and materials.

Attracting global talent and recognition

By inviting international participants, the competition positions Dubai as a hub for architectural excellence, drawing global talent and attention.

Enhancing cultural exchange and diversity

The event fosters a melting pot of cultural and design ideas, enriching Dubai's architectural diversity and cultural landscape.


Buildner-Dubai House of the Future Competition

Realizing Goals through Innovative Design Challenges

The "House of the Future" competition, initiated by the Dubai Government, challenges architects and designers to develop innovative housing designs for Dubai's residents. The primary goal is to create homes that are culturally resonant, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and smart, all within a budget of no more than 1 million Emirati Dirhams.

See competition page

Objectives and structure

Cultural integration

Designs must reflect the unique cultural heritage and modern aspirations of Dubai, blending tradition with contemporary living.

Sustainable solutions

Entries should prioritize sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and technologies to promote energy efficiency and environmental conservation.

Smart home features

Incorporating smart technology to enhance living comfort, convenience, and security is a key aspect.

Adaptability and flexibility

Designs should be adaptable to different family sizes and changing lifestyle needs, showcasing versatility.

Aesthetic appeal

The aesthetic aspect of the designs is crucial, as they should contribute to the visual landscape of Dubai.

Feasibility and practicality

Proposals must be practical, cost-effective, and feasible for actual construction within the specified budget.

Awards and recognition

To encourage participation and recognize outstanding designs, the "House of the Future" competition provided a significant prize fund of 250,000 Euros. Additionally, the winning entries were given the opportunity for their designs to be considered for construction, emphasizing both the competition's prestige and the commitment to bringing innovative architectural concepts to life.

250,000 €

Prize fund + Construction


Comprehensive management by Buildner: streamlining the competition process

Buildner orchestrating every aspect for seamless execution

Buildner's involvement was key to the seamless execution and success of the event, handling everything from design and branding to participant engagement and jury coordination.

Designing the competition's identity

We took the lead in creating the competition's unique identity. This involved developing a compelling theme and visual design that not only aligned with Kingspan's objectives but also resonated within the architectural community. Our expertise in branding was crucial in establishing a distinct and appealing image for the competition.

Developing the competition brief

A key responsibility was crafting the competition brief. We meticulously outlined the requirements, expectations, and guidelines, ensuring they were both challenging and inspiring. This document served as the cornerstone for participants, guiding their design process and submissions.

Creating and managing the competition website

Our team was also responsible for the development and maintenance of the competition's website. This platform functioned as the central hub for information, submissions, and updates, playing a pivotal role in the competition's digital engagement and interaction with participants.

Managing communications with participants and the jury

Effective communication was a critical aspect of our role. We ensured consistent and clear communication with participants, providing support and updates throughout the competition. Additionally, we facilitated the dialogue and coordination with the competition jury, overseeing a transparent and fair judging process.

Overseeing media relations

Our role extended to managing media relations, ensuring the competition's visibility and coverage across a range of architectural publications and platforms. This involved liaising with media outlets to amplify the competition's reach and impact in the architectural community.

Buildner engaging media, academia, and participants for global impact

Buildner's involvement was key to the seamless execution and success of the event, handling everything from design and branding to participant engagement and jury coordination.

Extensive media coverage through established channels

Buildner’s well-established connections with leading architecture media outlets were pivotal in achieving extensive media coverage for the competition. This included features in world-renowned architecture publications and platforms such as:

  • Archdaily

    Known as one of the most visited architecture websites worldwide, Archdaily’s coverage significantly amplified the competition's visibility.

  • Dezeen

    With its international readership, Dezeen’s publication of the competition reached a wide spectrum of architects and designers globally.

  • Architectural Review Magazine

    The inclusion in this prestigious printed magazine lent an additional layer of credibility and exposure to the competition.

Leveraging Buildner’s social media influence

The competition gained significant traction through Buildner's robust social media presence, reaching over 1 million followers. This extensive digital reach allowed for swift and widespread dissemination of the competition details, engaging a wide audience of architecture and design enthusiasts.

Buildner’s internal networks

Crucially, Buildner’s internal network of over 250,000 architects and designers provided a direct line of communication to a highly targeted and engaged audience. This network, cultivated over years, was invaluable in promoting the competition to potential participants who are deeply invested in the field of architecture.

250 000+

Architects and designers

Where are the participants from?

Buildner’s academic networks

Furthermore, Buildner’s extensive academic network, encompassing over 1,000 universities globally, allowed the competition to reach the academic sector effectively. This outreach ensured that the competition was not only visible to current professionals but also to the next generation of architects and designers, fostering educational engagement and professional development.


Universities globally

See our university rankings

Through Buildner's strategic media outreach and extensive networks, the House of the Future Competition achieved a remarkable level of global visibility and engagement

Assembling a stellar jury panel: Buildner's expertise in action

Curating a diverse array of industry leaders

Jury panel composition

Our commitment to excellence was reflected in the composition of the jury panel. We leveraged our extensive network, cultivated over a decade, to assemble over 300 members for various competitions. For the House of the Future competition, we brought together a diverse and esteemed group of industry professionals:


Jury members in our network

See list of our guest jury

House Of The Future jury panel

Will Plowman

Partner at Foster + Partners


Micael Calatrava

Calatrava Grace and Calatrava International


Charles Walker

Director of Zaha Hadid Architects


Martin Voelkle

Partner at BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group


Christina Seilern

Studio Seilern Architects


Andrew Mason

Director of Contracts for Calatrava International


Stefan de Koning

Partner at MVRDV



To further engage the jury and share their vision with competition participants, the 'House of the Future' competition featured two virtual talks. These webinars provided a platform for the jury members, leaders in their respective fields, to present their approach to the critical themes of the competition.

New frontiers for sustainable home design

Will Plowman, Partner at Foster + Partners, UAE, and Charles Walker, Director of Zaha Hadid Architects, UK

Emerging trends in design and architecture

Christina Seilern, Studio Seilern Architects, UK, and Andrew Mason, Director of Contracts at Calatrava International, UAE


Impressive competition results: global reach and impact of the competition

A showcase of diversity and engagement

Global participation

The competition attracted entries from over 140 countries, showcasing its global appeal and the universal interest in sustainable, innovative architectural solutions.

This diverse participation underscores the competition's international significance and its ability to resonate with a wide array of cultural and design perspectives.


Top five contributing countries

Top projects and geographical spread

Remarkably, the top three projects selected were from the Lebanon, Spain, and UK. This geographical spread among the winning entries highlights the diverse talent pool the competition was able to tap into.

The winning designs

Award ceremony

The results of the "House of the Future" competition were announced in a prestigious ceremony in Dubai on 8th February, 2024, with the Crown Prince himself presiding over the event. This momentous occasion marked the culmination of the competition, highlighting the incredible talent and innovative designs that were submitted. The winners received personal congratulations from the Crown Prince, adding a significant honor to their achievement.


Achieving strategic goals in the Buildner-Dubai partnership

The collaboration between Buildner and the Dubai Government in the "House of the Future" competition marked a significant achievement, exceeding its predefined objectives and demonstrating success across various domains:

Enhancing brand and government image

The competition significantly boosted the profiles of both Buildner and the Dubai Government in the global architectural community. Participation from architects and designers worldwide highlighted Dubai’s commitment to innovative and culturally resonant design, enhancing its reputation as a forward-thinking city.

Showcasing Dubai's vision for future housing

The competition centered around cutting-edge concepts for housing in Dubai, showcasing the emirate's vision for future living. This highlighted the potential of Dubai as a leader in architectural innovation and sustainable urban development.

Fostering global architectural community

The event created a global platform for architects and designers, encouraging a rich exchange of ideas and fostering a sense of community within the industry. Buildner’s extensive network played a crucial role in connecting a diverse range of professionals and students from around the world.

Promoting educational and professional development

With widespread interest and participation, the competition served as a valuable educational resource. It offered professional development opportunities, especially for emerging architects and students. The integration of the competition into various academic programs further emphasized the educational commitment of Buildner and the Dubai Government.

Expanding international networks and opportunities

The "House of the Future" competition opened doors to new international collaborations and business opportunities. It provided a unique networking platform for industry professionals and potential clients, paving the way for future partnerships and projects.

In summary, the partnership between Buildner and the Dubai Government through the "House of the Future" competition not only met its goals but also established a new benchmark for collaborative initiatives in the architectural sector. The success of the competition in enhancing brand and government image, showcasing Dubai's housing vision, fostering a global community, promoting educational engagement, and expanding networks underscores the effectiveness of strategic partnerships in achieving comprehensive objectives.

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