Secure Prize Transfers & Legal Compliance Through KYC

By verifying the identities of competition participants, Buildner ensures that prize money is securely transferred to the correct accounts, effectively discouraging identity theft. Furthermore, this process encourages fund recipients to adhere to appropriate tax procedures, promoting legal compliance and accountability within the architecture community.

KYC for Authentic Architect & Designer Identities

The implementation of KYC procedures by Buildner prevents architects and designers from misrepresenting or impersonating their identities on the platform. This guarantees that the information presented in user profiles is both accurate and legitimate, fostering an environment of trust and credibility within the Buildner community.

KYC for Copyright Compliance & Fair Competitions

Through its KYC implementation, Buildner ensures that competition participants comply with international copyright laws and only submit original work to which they hold the copyright. By verifying participant identities, Buildner can take appropriate action against potential copyright violations, thus preserving the fairness and integrity of their competitions.

Whitelisted Countries & Sanction-Free Participants

Incorporating KYC procedures enables Buildner to uphold compliance with international regulations by preventing participation from individuals on the international sanctions list. Additionally, Buildner ensures that no participants from their own list of banned countries can enter competitions, aligning with their internal policies and further promoting a safe, secure, and compliant platform.

Buildner's commitment to KYC compliance reflects its dedication to maintaining a trustworthy, secure, and fair platform for architects and designers worldwide. By implementing comprehensive identity verification processes, Buildner fosters an environment where creativity can flourish, and participants can confidently engage in competitions that adhere to the highest standards of integrity and legal compliance.

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