Understanding the Scope of "PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED"

Before we go further, it's crucial to understand what “previously published” entails. This term covers any platform where your work may have been made available to the public, such as websites, design magazines, online galleries, or competitions including Buildner’s past entries.

Presentation materials NOT PUBLISHED before:

If your design concept has been developed but not publicly shared or displayed in any form, you’re in the clear. This means that if your presentation materials – including renders, 3D visualizations, diagrams, sketches, plans, sections, and elevations – have never seen the light of day on any public media platform, you can submit them as they are. This also applies if your work has not been recognized as a shortlisted entry, honorable mention, or winner in competitions like those hosted by Buildner.

Presentation materials PUBLISHED before:

Modifying Previously Published Work:

The scenario changes if any part of your presentation has been published before. In this case, even if it's just one render or sketch, you must update all your presentation materials before resubmitting your concept.

What Kind of Changes Are Required?

The changes required are primarily visual. You need to alter the appearance of your presentation materials. This could involve modifying colors, line weights, or presentation styles. The key is to ensure that the materials you submit have a fresh and distinct look from any previously published versions.

However, the fundamental design concept – like the building sizes, layouts, or functional elements – does not need to be altered. You are allowed to retain the core idea of your design, as long as its presentation is newly created for the competition.

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