As impossible as it seems, Europe is on the brink of war again, as Russian military forces have begun their invasion of Ukraine. On 24 February, 2022, president Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine, despite assurances to the contrary to other world leaders.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has displaced thousands of civilians, and has already claimed the lives of innocent people. As bombs and missiles rain down, and tanks and soldiers march across the border, a war in Europe is imminent that will affect not just Ukraine but the entire continent.

Sanctions have already been placed on Russia by other EU countries and the US, but the turmoil taking place is set to destabilise the entire region for years to come, leading to significant loss of life and untold damage to Europe. 

Important notice to our participants from Russia:

As from today (February 24, 2022) Buildner is removing Russia from the list of eligible countries. No new participants from Russia will be allowed to enter Buildner competitions until further notice. Participants who have already entered any of our competitions prior February 24, 2022 are still eligible to submit their projects following the initial terms and conditions.

We are calling the people of Russian Federation to immediate action. We implore you to find the courage and ways to show your attitude towards Putin’s policies and its supporters. The time has come for a resolute stance. This is the only way to put a stop to the abuse of power by this extended tyranny. We bow down to everyone who has already stood up against the aggression pursued by the Kremlin, even if it meant risking their safety and wellbeing.

We appeal to all architects and designers worldwide to immediately refuse collaboration with organisations and individuals that do not support the sovereignty of Ukraine or receive direct or indirect funding from those with close links to Kremlin.

Contact us for more information [email protected]

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