Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way images are created and used in the digital world. AI generated images are computer-generated images that are produced using algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques. These images are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a fast and efficient way of creating high-quality images without the need for manual labor.


A black and white painting of Le Corbusier using Autocad generated by Dall-e.


When participating in an architecture competition, it is important to ensure that all images presented are original works that you have full rights to use. This includes any images generated using artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The ownership rights of AI generated images can be complex, as they may be based on pre-existing work or generated using proprietary algorithms.


In order to determine the ownership status of AI generated images, it is best to review the specific terms and conditions of the AI tool used to generate the image. These terms may outline any restrictions or limitations on the use of the image, and may indicate whether the image is considered a joint creation or whether the ownership rights belong to the person who generated the image using the AI tool.


It is also recommended to seek legal advice to fully understand the ownership rights and any restrictions that may apply to AI generated images. This will ensure that you are aware of any limitations or restrictions on the use of the image, and can make informed decisions about how to use the image in your presentation.


In general, it is not recommended to consider AI generated images as your sole work or intellectual property unless you have obtained explicit permission to do so.


This is particularly important in architecture competitions where authors are asked to use only images that they have full copyrights to. Using AI generated images that you do not have full rights to use can result in disqualification, and may also have legal implications.


In conclusion, when using AI generated images in architecture competition presentations, it is important to fully understand the ownership rights and any restrictions that may apply. This can be done by reviewing the terms and conditions of the AI tool used to generate the image, and by seeking legal advice if necessary. Ensuring that you have full rights to use the images in your presentation will help to avoid any issues with ownership and copyright, and will help to ensure that your presentation is compliant with competition requirements.

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