Tiny Footprints, Bold Visions: The Power of Small-Scale Architecture


Welcome to our distinctive architecture competition series, focused on the appreciation and exploration of small-scale architecture. In a world where space is often limited, we believe that even the smallest projects can have a significant impact on our lives, shaping the way we interact with our surroundings.


The Small-Scale Architecture Competition Series invites architects, startups, investors, entrepreneurs, and companies to join us in our pursuit of innovative solutions for compact spaces that enrich lives. From pavilions, shelters, and treehouses to cabins, pedestrian footbridges, and meditation spaces, small-scale architecture offers unique opportunities for creativity and experimentation.


By emphasizing the importance of small-scale architecture, we aim to inspire new explorations in materials, form, and function, demonstrating that impactful design can emerge from even the tiniest of spaces. Join us in celebrating the power of small-scale architecture and discovering its potential to revolutionize the field and transform our world.