The Tiny Kiwi Meditation Cabin Competition is part of Bee Breeders’ Small Scale Architecture Appreciation Movement showcasing small projects that contain big ideas. Designers were tasked with proposing an eco-friendly cabin located alongside the Hauraki Plains in New Zealand.

This event is the first in a series organised by Bee Breeders in collaboration with Earth Energies Sanctuary, a wellness retreat designed to bring about balance of body and mind, set within 200 acres in New Zealand, ideal for seclusion, relaxation and experiencing nature. The sanctuary currently features a 2-bedroom cabin on its site where guests can enjoy spectacular panoramic views.

For this particular competition, participants were tasked with submitting designs for a meditation space to be constructed in a clearing on the site. The proposed location sits roughly 300 meters downhill from the main residence, accessed only by foot. The cabin should be able to accommodate up to 4 guests plus a meditation guide for 1 to 2 hours during the day or evening. This space is not intended to act as accommodation, and therefore does not require any amenities or facilities other than those needed to run a meditation session.

As winning designs for the Tiny Kiwi Meditation Cabin are to be considered for construction, jurors sought designs that were sustainable in nature and offered innovative, creative solutions.

Bee Breeders worked with an international jury with backgrounds in design and academia. Several of the jurors have portfolios of built work focused on small-scale residential and cabin projects. The full jury included: Willem van Bolderen, founding partner of Helsinki-based Studio Puisto Architects Ltd; Pip Cheshire, director of Cheshire Architects, based in Auckland, New Zealand; Jakob Gate, co-founder of architectural studio Native Narrative and mobile sauna company Scandinavian Sauna; Kai Gu, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland; Dr Ferdinand Oswald, architect, researcher and course coordinator of Design Technology courses at the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland; Jordi Riembau Ribot and Miguel Rusca Mestre, co-founders of Nordest architecture SLP; Michael Romanowicz, founder and CEO of Den Outdoors; and Rick Sommerfeld, an architect, Assistant Professor and the director of ColoradoBuildingWorkshop, the design-build program at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Bee Breeders and its jury panel would like to thank all the designers that participated in this competition.

Tiny Kiwi 
Meditation Cabin
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Tiny Kiwi 
Meditation Cabin

1st Prize Winner

Project name

The Nest

Architecture competitions are an opportunity to challenge yourself, think outside of the box, and let your imagination soar. Through participating in such competitions, we explore and learn about different new countries and their unique cultures, as well as broaden our network as architects by connecting with new architects from different parts of the world. In addition to learning about new architectural languages and seeing how other architects think about the same project, this adds to our experience as architects.

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Authors Rabie Al-Ashi, Omar Othman
Country Saudi Arabia

2nd Prize Winner

Project name

Meditation House

Competitions, like school, allow for the freedom to “play”, test ideas, take risks, to be unusual. Besides the benefit of exploring ideas and representational methods beyond the sometimes-banal day-to-day tasks of the profession, competitions allow me the opportunity to demonstrate who I am as an architectural designer, from the selection of competition briefs and sites to the choice of materials and organizational strategies, to the final panel layouts.

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Author Mat Winter
Country Canada

3rd Prize Winner

Project name

Tiny kiwi meditation cabin

We want to practice beyond our limits, have fun, and tell stories by using architecture and design. Competitions open the door to new unconventional projects and possibilities.

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Country Slovakia


Project name


First of all, the process of designing a single topic in the direction I interpreted it is interesting. And it's meaningful to participate in the contest, but if I can win this award, I think I can graduate with more confidence.

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Author Seo Hyeon Gyu
Country South Korea
+72 points Buildner University Rankings


Project name

Behind the curtain

I like to challenge myself with projects and tasks that I don´t have in my normal working routine. I work mostly on small residential projects, so I like to challenge myself with competitions where I can try something different and learn something new. The second reason why I like to participate in architecture competitions is to challenge myself with other participants. It´s quite easy to close yourself off and work on the same routine and ideas when you have an office. So, when the results of the competition come out, it´s always interesting and refreshing to see how other colleagues have approached and solved the same problems.

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Authors Matteo Foresti, Arianna Boccalatte
Country Sweden

Client Favorite

Project name

Point of View

Architecture competitions have various themes and limited preferences. The design that I create through the storytelling and penetrating concepts awaken potential creativity. Projects that emerge through many concerns and discussions help the further growth of participants and demonstrate their potential for development.

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Author Dabeen Kim
Country South Korea
+22 points Buildner University Rankings

Honorable Mentions

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Project name

How far into the forest ?

Author Gabriel Foulquier-Gazagnes
Country France
Project name

Cabin of Light

Authors Iqbal Ziaul Haq, Nur Saddia Maulinda, Bahrumsyah Bila Sahil, Rahman Akbar Sayekti
Country Indonesia
Project name

Okioki Cabin

Authors Oonagh Davis, Elias Bennett
Country United States
Project name

The Cube

Author Doug Smith
Country Denmark
Project name


Authors Al Barry Ayaquil, Andrea Bianca Novencido
Country Philippines
Project name

The Spirit Space

Author Aubin Prost
Country France

Shortlisted projects

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Johana Reinosová

České vysoké učení technické v Praze - Fakulta architektury

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!
Czech Republic

Wahi Ata Noho

Alex Yuen

Weijia Song

Dylan Gibbs

Collective Operations

New Zealand

Empty cabin

José Pereira


'When I am among the trees'

Balint Iszak

Csenge Gyorgyi

New Zealand

Transition to meditation

Sejin Kim

South Korea

Respite Cabin

Benjamin Feng

Louis Panszczyk

New Zealand


Chiara Shim

Emily Dalley

Keegan Hannaway

Ariana Faulkner

New Zealand

The Meditative Verb

Neel Patel



Santiago Arizcun



Tucker Douglas

Ane Gonzalez lara


United States

Light Shelter

Emese Lakatos

Emese Juhász


The Cube

Doug Smith


Absorbed In Nature

Sumin Park

South Korea

Point of View

Dabeen Kim

South Korea

The Nest

Rabie Al-Ashi

Omar Othman

Saudi Arabia

Cove Cabin

William Christian

John Dowling



Seo Hyeon Gyu

South Korea

Behind the curtain

Matteo Foresti

Arianna Boccalatte


Resonate Cabin

Jong-hyun Han

South Korea


Catalina Plaino

Catalina Plaino Architecture


Zen Meditation Sanctuary

Artemis Hasa

Niki Cane

Julian Beqiri

Lezo Kroj



Hidden Silence

Wesley Thompson

United States

Tiny Kiwi Meditation Cabin

Brad Scahill

Annie Tong

New Zealand

How far into the forest ?

Gabriel Foulquier-Gazagnes


Earth Energies Sanctuary Meditation Cabin

Chelsea Jno baptiste

Sahil Mohan

Savannah Cheung

United States

Okioki Cabin

Oonagh Davis

Elias Bennett

United States

The Wooden Den

Zorbey Tuncer


The Beehive Box

Cam Wilson

New Zealand

In Between

Michael Hoover

Abigail Peters

United States

Meta Nature

James London-mills

United Kingdom

Spiritual Nest

Valentina Gonzalez

Jhorman josé Cadenas montaño

Sergio andrés Cantor amaya

Nicolás felipe Ariza torres


Cabin of Light

Iqbal Ziaul Haq

Nur Saddia Maulinda

Bahrumsyah Bila Sahil

Rahman Akbar Sayekti



Barbara Sandri

Andrea Smaniotto


The Spirit Space

Aubin Prost


Meditation House

Mat Winter



Dumindhi Nanayakkara


Tiny kiwi meditation cabin

Lukáš Valenčin

Zuzana Capková


Brahmavihara Pavilion

Kellen Thayer

United States


Al Barry Ayaquil

Andrea Bianca Novencido