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The Tiny Kiwi Meditation Cabin Competition is part of Buildner’ Small Scale Architecture Appreciation Movement, showcasing small projects that contain big ideas. Designers were tasked with proposing an eco-friendly meditation cabin located alongside the Hauraki Plains in New Zealand for competition partners, Earth Energies Sanctuary.

First prize was awarded to Rabie Al-Ashi and Omar Othman from Saudi Arabia whose three-part ‘Nest’ structure, included a series of platforms, a base structure and a semi-translucent, adjustable fabric covering that glows like a lantern in the evening.

Second prize winner Mat Winter from Canada designed a ‘Meditation House’ with a small-footprint volume, clad in frosted glass panels to let in light yet blur visibility, casting shadows in both directions. Lukáš Valenčinm and Zuzana Capková from Slovakia took third prize for their ‘Tiny Kiwi Meditation Cabin’ which has a homogenous and simple form with clean lines defined by rows of windows low to the floor, offering clear visibility of nature.

Other awards included: the “Competition Client's Favourite” award, selected by our competition partner, awarded to Dabeen Kim from Inha Technical College in South Korea; the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award – to Hyeon Gyu Seo, also from the Inha Technical College; and Green Award that was awarded to Matteo Foresti from Sweden.

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1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize