Discovering new ways of living through innovative design


As part of Buildner’s “Small-scale architecture appreciation movement” and “Contemporary house” strategic partnership with ArchDaily, we are excited to present the MICROHOME architecture competition series, now in its sixth edition.

Buildner strongly believes that small-scale architecture has the potential to transform cities. The MICROHOME competition encourages participants to challenge traditional notions of space and function, and to incorporate unique aesthetics, new technologies, and innovative materials into designs for small-scale living. Through this competition, we hope to motivate designers to think outside the box, and to discover ideas for sustainable living spaces that benefit individuals, communities, and the environment.

The MICROHOME competition series invites participants from around the world to submit creative designs for a microhome that can accommodate a hypothetical young professional couple. The only requirement is that the structure’s total floor area does not exceed 25 square meters. No specific competition site has been designated, allowing project designs to be set on any site of any size, in a city or the countryside. Join us in this exciting competition, and help us in designing a better, more sustainable future.