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Buildner is one of the world’s leading architecture competition organisers, looking to creative and innovative design enthusiasts to source solutions to problems the world is facing today; working with us allows you access to a global community of fresh and ambitious architecture talent.

Looking for designs for new buildings? Urban planning? Landscape schemes? Public realm & artwork projects? Our global community of more than 200,000 architects & designers are at your service.

Buildner architecture competitions are a great way to raise global awareness and generate publicity for your cause or project, with our competitions and winning designs featured in a number of prestigious industry magazines and websites across the globe.

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Success stories


Launched in partnership with WWF, the Pape Bird Observation Tower architecture competition sourced designs for an original, innovative and environmentally sustainable structure within the Pape Nature Park in Latvia.

ith several hundred teams entering from 36 countries, the competition was a huge success and generated significant media attention for the nature park. With the winning designs recognised by the majority of the world’s leading design news outlets, international interest in the park has seen a dramatic boost and the park has since reported a notable increase in local and international tourism

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The Silent Meditation Forest Cabins was a project run in collaboration with Ozolini Teamakers who were looking to redesign their nature retreat to include a greater range of facilities. As independent operators in rural Latvia, bringing awareness to local recreational tourism was an additional goal of the competition partners.

Designs for a new range of silent meditation forest cabins were submitted by over a hundred teams worldwide, sourcing innovative and sustainable solutions from creatives from all walks of life.

The announcement of the competition winners was a great media success, and remains the second most-read article ever to appear in Bustler, one of the world’s leading architecture news outlets.

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The Adelaide Creative Community Hub ideas competitions was an initiative put  forward by the Australian Institute of Architects. They were looking to ask the global  community of architects to submit ideas for a creative community hub that would revitalise  the city of Adelaide and make it a more vibrant and innovative place to live.

The purpose of the competition was to act as a tool to spark a local discussion on ways to  improve the city, and the winning projects did just that, being featured during Adelaide’s  Festival of Architecture and Design.

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Who can launch a competition?

Architecture competitions are accessible to anyone, whether architecture and design are your field of expertise or not. All you need is an idea, a cause or a concept and we’ll do the rest and will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Architecture competitions are a popular way to generate ‘blue-sky thinking’, sourcing ideas and solutions from those who are unimpeded by predispositions and bias and who are free to think outside the box.

Competitions are a fantastic way to find innovative solutions to unusual or challenging situations. What problem are you trying to solve? Let us help you find an answer.

Great rewards for little (and sometimes zero) cost

Every year we select challenges that we find the most appropriate to our community and launch them as architecture competitions in hopes of finding a working, scalable solution. In this case, all costs are covered by Buildner, even the prize fund.

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