Bee Breeders Competition Organisers is excited to announce the results for the Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant Competition, a collaboration with Vogafjós Farm Resort, located near lake Mývatn, Iceland.

For this competition, participants were tasked with designing a greenhouse concept restaurant. With fresh, locally grown foods scarce in Iceland, particularly during the winter months, this competition called for submissions to design a greenhouse that would also function as a dine-in restaurant. Such a greenhouse would allow Vogafjós Farm to grow salad vegetables, fruits, and berries that could then be served, offering the guests an immersive experience as well as locally-produced food. The brief sought sustainable designs to accommodate 100 guests and which included standard amenities: an appropriately-sized kitchen, storage facilities, and toilets. The owners expressed interest in developing a restaurant where customers could witness first-hand the processes of production, as well as including larger programs such as a multipurpose hall to be used for events like film showings and yoga classes.

Bee Breeders worked with an outstanding regional and international jury panel for this event comprising: David Ceaser, Lead Agronomist at Agritecture, an advisory firm on urban and controlled environment agriculture, who has more than 15 years experience working in indoor and outdoor hydroponics and soil based agriculture; Pálmar Kristmundsson, Icelandic-based architect and founder of PK Arkitektar, who has built an exceptional career integrating Japanese vernacular architecture with the striking effects of the unspoiled nature of his home country of Iceland; Katie MacDonald, Cofounder of After Architecture and Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia, whose work explores how technology can reconcile design intention with natural materials and processes; Oscar Rodriguez, a UK and Spain-registered Architect, founder of Building Integrated Agriculture specialist practice, Architecture & Food and Director of Policy for UK Urban Agritech, a professional body representing over 50 technology-led urban farming organisations; Christina Seilern founder of London-based creative practice Studio Seilern Architects; and Valdis Steinarsdottir, an Icelandic entrepreneur, experimental designer, and Formex-Nova Nordic designer of the year, whose project Bioplastic Skin is a biodegradable packaging for meat made out of the skin of the animal itself - a resourceful project aiming to limit plastic waste while making use of a byproduct typically lost to meat consumption.

Bee Breeders and its jury panel would like to thank the hundreds of participants from around the globe that submitted ideas to this competition. The received proposals were strong and represented a range of ideas for sustainable design, landscape integration, and new hybrid typologies for food growth and dining.

Greenhouse  Restaurant
Official partner
Greenhouse  Restaurant

1st Prize Winner +

Project name

Hill Farm

Architecture competitions provide a unique platform to design and propose exciting innovative project, while testing theoretical ideas in a structured setting. Apart form any constraints imposed by the brief, competitions like this one, allow complete freedom to express new design styles, and typologies. The great thing also about participating in a competition is that if you are lucky enough to win, the client has already bought into your vision, therefore the next stage would be working together with the client to realize the design.

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Authors Derin Kinacigil, Juan Franco
Country United Kingdom

2nd Prize Winner

Project name


Competitions allow you to answer a pure architectural question gaining knowledge and insight into many international cultures and contexts. All while allowing one to express their response to the question through architectural design.

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Country United States

3rd Prize Winner

Project name


Participating in competitions is a way to test ourselves and deal with new and unknown themes. These are opportunities for competition and research, which allow us to get to know places, cultures and new ideas. Participation in competitions is also a way to interact with other designers, to understand how they have faced the same theme. We think this is very stimulating for our cultural and professional growth.

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Authors Simone Miraglia, Celeste Mangone
Country Italy

ARCHHIVE Student Award

Project name

Myvatn Greenhouse

Architecture competitions are a way to challenge ourselves with problems that are far from our surroundings. It is a way to gather knowledge about problems all around the world, get educated about different cultures, history and ways of life. We are constantly seeking intriguing briefs from all around the world in order to further augment our academic development.

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Authors Stanislav Milchev, Vasil Delev
Country Bulgaria
+74 points Buildner University Rankings

Client Favorite

Project name


Competitions provide an opportunity for practitioners to speculate freely and dream outside of the constraints of client work – often in areas of practice and/or at scales of work that we have yet to explore in daily practice. Competitions also provide a means for emerging practitioners to demonstrate competency and garner recognition.

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Authors Michael Leckie, Jason Hall, Melody Chen, Peter M Wenger
Country Canada

Honorable Mentions

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Project name

Hverjall Garden

Authors Nicolas Mayorga Trujillo, Nicolas Pineda Otalora
Country Colombia
Project name

Mývatn Windows

Authors Jens Brinkmann, Nicole Salfatis, Emily Pearce, Chiara Sanguin
Country Germany
Project name


Authors Silvia Undurraga, Ricardo Abuauad, Camilo Alvarez, Constanza Lobos
Country Chile
Project name

Verdure vessel

Authors Kantinan Na nakorn, Sasipim Sivaroroskul, Theethaj Pholampaisathit
Country Thailand
Project name


Author John Ng
Country United Kingdom
Project name

The Disk

Authors Zsuzsa Peter, Anna Gulinska
Country Austria

Shortlisted projects

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The Northeast Greenhouse

Martin Avila

Mariana Bernal

Valeria Moreno


Growing Landscape

Dean Morrison

United Kingdom

Touch of Eden

Patrycja Ziemienowicz


Land Register

Graeme Massie

Stuart Dickson

United Kingdom

Vogafjós Greenhouse Restaurant

Nathan Hume

United States

The Glacier

Jonas Ekberg

Simon Viklund



Michael Leckie

Jason Hall

Melody Chen

Peter M Wenger

Leckie Studio Architecture + Design


Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant

Trae Schwenneker

Corey Stremcha

Lauren Perry

Ben Martinez

United States


Hudson Parris

Matthew Cox

United States


Simone Miraglia

Celeste Mangone



Giorgio Notari



Michael Hoover

Abigail Peters

United States

The Disk

Zsuzsa Peter

Anna Gulinska


Between the Cracks

Dirk Hovens



Nick Edler

Conran and Partners

United Kingdom

Following The Terrain

Eliza Lasek

Katarzyna Drągowska

Warsaw University of Technology , Politechnika Warszawska

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

Hverfjall Greenhouse Restaurant

Marcel Holmberg


Mývatn Windows

Jens Brinkmann

Nicole Salfatis

Emily Pearce

Chiara Sanguin



Horacio Goitre

Gonzalo Zegarra

Mateo Peschiera

Mariana Nájar


The Northern Village

Fabian Llonch

Mariel Suarez

United States


John Ng

United Kingdom

Mývatn Hub

Daniel González

Inaxis Architects

Costa Rica


Peter Valentino


Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant

Odin Olesen

Alexander Fagerholt

alex & odin arkitekter


Hill Farm

Derin Kinacigil

Juan Franco

United Kingdom

Hverjall Garden

Nicolas Mayorga Trujillo

Nicolas Pineda Otalora


Verdure vessel

Kantinan Na nakorn

Sasipim Sivaroroskul

Theethaj Pholampaisathit


Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant

Kate Bondarenko

Anna Khyzhniak

Vladyslav Khyzhniak

Tymur Dovhal


Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant

Evan Wagner

Alyson Demskie

United States


Silvia Undurraga

Ricardo Abuauad

Camilo Alvarez

Constanza Lobos



Jakub Wichtowski

Jan Zieliński

Agnieszka Grzemska

University of Fine Arts in Poznań

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

Myvatn Greenhouse

Clive Borg bonaci

Andrea Borg

Mohamed Shafeeq

Bernard Bugeja

Borg Bonaci Architecture



Anna Pliszka

Wrocław University of Science and Technology

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!


Heffrence Teow


Yule Lads Iceland Green House Restaurant

Wong Lapzhen

Erik ung hieng Yek


The Oasis of Food

Tigran Marutyan


iGRI - integrated Greenhouse Restaurant for Iceland

Suan Ho-dinh

Michele d'Ostuni


United Kingdom

Myvatn Greenhouse

Stanislav Milchev

Vasil Delev

University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy

+74 points Buildner University Rankings!


Peran Guillaume

Camille Desplanques

Julie Fautrel


Into the cave | the discovery of Mývatn greenhouse restaurant

Laura Castellari affonso

Sofia Toi