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Buildner Competition Organisers is excited to announce the results for the Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant Competition, a collaboration with Vogafjós Farm Resort, located near lake Mývatn, Iceland. Participants were tasked with designing a greenhouse concept dine-in restaurant.

Derin Kinacigil and Juan Franco from the UK took first prize for their Hill Farm project. Hill Farm’s logical layout and thoughtful green design elements made it a clear jury favorite, taking inspiration from the site’s sloping volcanic landscape and using site-specific materials, it was also our Green Award winner.

Second prize was awarded to Hudson Parris and Matthew Cox from the United States. Their Vogafjos project expands upon typical greenhouse elements to produce a new hybrid of indoor farming and eating. Third prize winners Simone Miraglia and Celeste Mangone from Italy used local materials for their How We Do/What We Do project, with a linear plan and practical construction method. The client-chosen “Vogafjós Farm Resort Favorite” Award went to Michael Leckie, Peter M. Wenger, Jason Hall and Melody Chen from Canadian firm Leckie Studio Architecture + Design and our ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award went to Stanislav Milchev and Vasil Delev students from University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy, Bulgaria.

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