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Greenhouse  Restaurant

Despite its name, Iceland is much more than just a land of ice. Formed in part by volcanic eruptions, Iceland is home to around 130 volcanic mountains, many of which are still considered active to this day. Iceland’s geothermals waters naturally heat many of its beautiful, mineral-rich lagoons, such as the secluded and peaceful Mývatn nature baths in northern Iceland, which sit in between Lake Mývatn lake and the Hverfjall volcano.

Aerial view of Hverfjall crater and Rocky landcape of Dimmuborgir, Iceland
The Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant competition is a collaboration with Vogafjós Farm Resort, located east of lake Mývatn. For this competition, participants are tasked with designing a greenhouse concept restaurant. Fresh, locally grown foods are scarce in Iceland, particularly during the winter months. The Greenhouse Restaurant competition is calling for submissions for designs of a greenhouse that would also function as a dine-in restaurant. The green house would allow Vogafjós Farm to grow salad vegetables, fruits, and berries that could then be served in the restaurant, offering the guests an immersive experience as well as delicious, locally -produced food.

The green house would allow Vogafjós Farm to grow salad vegetables, fruits, and berries that could then be served in the restaurant

The Vogafjós Farm Resort offers an up close and personal experience for diners and The Cow Café visitors are able to watch the cows from the café
Designs for the Greenhouse Restaurant would need to accommodate around 100 guests and include standard amenities, such as an appropriately-sized kitchen, storage facilities, and toilets. The owners would like to develop a restaurant in which customers could see how the food that they’ll be eating is grown, combined with a view of the milky blue mineral water of Mývatn Nature Baths on one side and Hverfjall volcano on the other.

The owners would like to develop a restaurant in which customers could see how the food that they’ll be eating is grown
The owners are also looking to include a multipurpose hall that can be used for a number of different events, such as movie nights and yoga classes. Any additional functionality can be suggested where appropriate. The naturally heated hot springs can be used as a heating source, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

As winning designs will be put forward for consideration for construction, the jury will be looking for projects that focus on eco-friendly and cost-effective building techniques, in keeping with Iceland’s reputation as one of the greenest countries in Europe.

Download full competition brief for more information!

Competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English; All information submitted by participants must be in English

Full competition brief

All information can be downloaded as often as required; no additional information or material will be provided after registration.

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    • Regras do concurso
    • Regolamento del concorso


Total Prize Fund
5,000 €
Certificate of Achievement
2,000 €
Certificate of Achievement
1,000 €
Certificate of Achievement
“Vogafjós Farm Resort Favourite” Award
1,000 €
Certificate of Achievement
500 €
+ 50 € ARCHHIVE BOOKS Gift Card 
+ 50 Points BEE BREEDERS Architecture University Rankings 

Certificate of Achievement
BB GREEN AWARD (more details)
500 €
Certificate of Achievement



The winners will get international art and design media coverage and will be featured on the Bee Breeders website and social pages


Bee Breeders will also acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.


Jury panel

Oscar Rodriguez

Founder, Architecture & Food, UK

David Ceaser

Lead Agronomist at Agritecture, USA

Enlai Hooi

Head of Innovation at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Denmark

Jett Hopp

Director of Acquisitions at Snøhetta, Norway

Pálmar Kristmundsson

founder of PK Arkitektar, Iceland

Katie MacDonald

Co-founder of After Architecture, USA

Christina Seilern

FOUNDER Studio Seilern Architects, UK

Hjördís Sigurðardóttir

Founder and CEO of ALDIN Biodome, Iceland

Valdis Steinarsdottir

designer, Iceland

Jury members shall under no circumstances be contacted by competition participants or their representatives. Participants who attempt to contact jury members, shall be disqualified. All jury members are involved in the evaluation based on their availability at that time.

All communication regarding the competition should only be carried out with Bee Breeders staff. For any questions please contact us on [email protected]  


Find the extended list of jury panel biographies here!

Key dates

Closing date for registration

11 November, 2021

Closing date for project submission

15 December, 2021 (11:59pm GMT+0)

Announcement of the winners

24 February, 2022

Competition Q&A deadline: 17 November, 2021

In order to guarantee equal opportunities to all competition participants,
no new questions will be answered after this deadline!

Registration fees

  • Registration Deadline
    17 September - 11 November
  • Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies
    130 €
  • Students
    110 €
  • Registration Deadline
    17 September - 11 November
  • Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies
    130 €
  • Students
    110 €


Contact us to receive special student rates for group registrations (discount applies for 3+ registrations from one university/school) and to receive further information and support for getting your students involved in architecture competitions. Send us request from your university email address along with basic information about yourself and your university/school. Please note that only recognized university staff can apply for the reduced student rate.

Competition results in media

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Competition related questions

The height difference between two contour lines is one meter, however, please note - due to the constant sand movement it is not possible to provide precise site topography, therefore participants are asked to use the site topography as a general guide only.
Participants are not required to design an overnight accommodation. “Accommodate 100 people” in this case refers to restaurant visitor capacity.
2000-5000 m² is the total building area (restaurant+greenhouse) requirement.
Mývatn Baths and Greenhouse would need to be treated as two separate entities as they are owned by different owners.
The crop type is not defined.
As for the general greenhouse concept - market gardening would be preferred.
The design proposal should focus on multiple stage progressive development - starting with the 2000 m² growing up to 5000 m² as the final building area.
The maximum building height / number of floors is not defined.
Underground construction can be proposed, however, it is not recommended.
Underground parking can be suggested, however, we would recommend to avoid underground construction to reduce potential construction costs.
There is only one access road to the site. All vehicles will access the site from the north.
Outdoor farming can be proposed. However, due to the harsh weather conditions, we would not recommend it.
The farm does not need to provide all the potentially required produce.
Shower facilities could be suggested as part of the design proposal.
No additional setback from the helicopter landing site is required.
There is a connection to a water source available, however, we recommend participants to include the water collection system as part of their design proposal.
Generally, the hot spring should provide sufficient heating and electricity, however, we recommend participants to propose backup systems as part of their design proposal.
Participants are recommended to propose a nursery greenhouse, however, it is not a requirement.
2000 m² is the minimum recommended building footprint.
Greenhouse and restaurant can be in the same building, as well as separate. This decision should be made by the designer.
In case terraces are an essential part of your building design, they should be a part of the 5000 m² footprint.
You may place terrace/s in “no-building zone”, as long as they do not obstruct the views for Mývatn Nature Baths visitors.
There is no information on potential number of staff that would be required to operate the facilities.
Fire passage around building is recommended.
The new carpark does not need to be included in the total building area.
Participants should not propose entrance to the site from the Nature Baths car park, as it is a private property.
Participants are recommended to follow the Eurocode building standards.
There are no preferred construction materials. Participants are free to propose whatever materials they find most appropriate to their design concept.
Geysers may be proposed as an energy source.
There are no restrictions to proposing green roof.
Participants are required to propose a brand new carpark within the defined site boundaries.
Participants may propose a new name for the restaurant.
Participants can not move the helipad or the existing carpark.

General questions

Click on "register now", fill in all the required fields, choose your payment method and submit your information. You will be forwarded to Paypal or CPS secure payment gateway, to cover the competition fee. Once we receive your payment, we'll send you an email with your username and password to upload your submission directly to the website.
You can add/remove/edit team member information as often as you want in the upload panel, up until the submission deadline.
Only one proposal per registration is permitted. Participants are entitled to register multiple times if they wish to participate in the competition with several proposals.
Yes we are in the process of negotiating with multiple international industry-related media representatives. The list of media partners is constantly updated on our website, please check it regularly to find latest updates.
Yes. If the jury panel selects a Student award's submission for the top 3, it will automatically be awarded both prizes.
Yes. If the jury panel selects a Green award's submission for the top 3, it will automatically be awarded both prizes.
No. Competition entries are evaluated anonymously. The participant registration type is only revealed upon the announcement of the results.
Please contact us – [email protected] and we will address the problem directly.
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