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Tokyo Urban 
Meditation Cabins

Tokyo is Japan’s capital city, the largest urban area in the entire country, and at the forefront of technology and industrial innovation. Its unique location on the Pacific coast of central Honshu makes it susceptible to earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons and rising sea levels, some of the greatest devastation is being inflicted by digital devices.


Increased use of digital devices, from computers to mobile phones, can have seriously detrimental effects on mental health. Not only does excessive screen time disrupt natural sleep cycles, but too much time spent on social media can also cause increased anxiety and depression.

A number of studies were published in Japan detailing the impact of depression on the Japanese public, with 84% of firms reporting mental health problems among their employees. In fact, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare even found in a 2009 study that depression was costing the economy the equivalent of over $30bn.

For the Tokyo Urban Meditation Cabins competition, Buildner is asking participants to submit their designs for a meditation cabin prototype that could be replicated and placed around various spots in Tokyo. The cabins should serve as a small public sanctuary where people can take a break to reconnect with themselves.

Participants are asked to explore how architecture can function in a therapeutic way and address the challenge of how successfully inject a small tranquil space in an otherwise stressful environment.

Download the full competition brief for more information! 

The competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English; All information submitted by participants must be in English.

Full competition brief

The full competition brief can be downloaded as often as required; no additional information will be provided after registration.



7,000 €
Total Prize Fund
3,000 €
Certificate of Achievement
1,500 €
Certificate of Achievement
1,000 €
Certificate of Achievement
1,000 €
+ 50 € ARCHHIVE BOOKS Gift Card  
+ 50 Points BUILDNER Architecture University Rankings   
Certificate of Achievement
500 €

Certificate of Achievement



Buildner will also acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.

Publicity campaign

The Buildner’s extensive global publicity campaign for the competition winners:

  • "SEEN BY" ONE MILLION Results published on - one of the leading websites in the industry and is visited by over one million unique visitors each year.
  • "SEEN BY" 800 000 MORE Publications on Buildner's social networks (over 600,000 followers) and newsletter campaigns (over 200,000 subscribers).
  • INTERVIEW Exclusive interview published with the results and shared on Buildner's social networks.
  • MOVIE The competition winners will be granted and opportunity to submit a movie about themselves. The video will be published on the Buildner's website and social networks.
  • MEDIA PARTNERS The competition results will get international art and design media coverage and will be featured in the world’s leading architecture media outlets.

Jury panel

Jury members shall under no circumstances be contacted by competition participants or their representatives. Participants who attempt to contact jury members, shall be disqualified.

All jury members are involved in the evaluation based on their availability at that time. All communication regarding the competition should only be carried out with Buildner staff. For any questions please contact us on [email protected]


Find the extended list of jury panel biographies here!

Suzuko Yamada founder of Suzuko Yamada Architects Japan
Takeshi Yamamura founder of YSLA YamamuraSanzLaviña Architects Japan
Rituparna Simlai Principal of Studio Arth LLC USA
Mark Dytham founder of Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) Japan
Astrid Klein founder of Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) Japan
James Delaney Chairman of the Block by Block Foundation USA
Nancy Beka architectural designer and co-director of Studio Edwards Australia
Dan Dorocic designer ON/OFF Germany
Greg Corso Designer, SPORTS Collaborative USA
Lydia Kallipoliti Tallin Architecture Biennale, ANAcycle thinktank USA

Key dates

Closing date for registration

09 November, 2022

Closing date for project submission

13 December, 2022 (11:59pm London time)

Announcement of the winners

22 February, 2023

Competition Q&A deadline: 15 November, 2022

In order to guarantee equal opportunities to all competition participants,
no new questions will be answered after this deadline!

Registration fees

  • Registration Deadline
    16 September - 09 November
  • Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies
    135 €
  • Students
    115 €
+4.5% VAT
  • Registration Deadline
    16 September - 09 November
  • Architects / Enthusiasts / Companies
    135 €
  • Students
    115 €
+4.5% VAT


Contact us to receive special student rates for group registrations (discount applies for 3+ registrations from one university/school) and to receive further information and support for getting your students involved in architecture competitions. Send us request from your university email address along with basic information about yourself and your university/school. Please note that only recognized university staff can apply for the reduced student rate.


Competition results in media

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Competition related questions

The cabin would be a public space for short-term use.
The final design proposal should be a temporary, portable structure. It does not necessarily have to be a cabin. The competition brief is open to adaptation and improved development strategies.
Participants are allowed to propose any site location/s in Tokyo (including rooftops).
There is no min/max building height defined.
The building should fit within a 6 sqm footprint.

General questions

Click on "register now", fill in all the required fields, choose your payment method and submit your information. You will be forwarded to Paypal or CPS secure payment gateway, to cover the competition fee. Once we receive your payment, we'll send you an email with your username and password to upload your submission directly to the website.
You can add/remove/edit team member information as often as you want in the upload panel, up until the submission deadline.
Only one proposal per registration is permitted. Participants are entitled to register multiple times if they wish to participate in the competition with several proposals.
Yes we are in the process of negotiating with multiple international industry-related media representatives. The list of media partners is constantly updated on our website, please check it regularly to find latest updates.
No. Competition entries are evaluated anonymously. The participant registration type is only revealed upon the announcement of the results.
Please contact us – [email protected] and we will address the problem directly.
Yes. If the jury panel selects a Student award's submission for the top 3, it will automatically be awarded both prizes.
Yes. If the jury panel selects a Green award's submission for the top 3, it will automatically be awarded both prizes.
The short answer is yes, you may submit a lpreviously published design concept as long as you are the author. Before re-submitting your project, please carefully read the following clarification points listed here -
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