+OUT (plusout) is a young interdisciplinary group founded in 2013 by Sebastiano Maccarrone (architect) and Santi Musmeci (architect). Our intent is to achieve innovative design solutions in various fields: Architecture, Graphic Design and Architectural Visualisation. At the moment our international team is composed by 10 people : architects, graphic designers, illustrators. We are located in Beijing and we just open a new office in Rome directed by Paola Simoncelli.

We love design in all its forms. We have been involved in various scales projects from bar corners to city masterplans, from typography to visual art.

We have a poster in the entrance of our office saying “Do it with passion or not at all” without passion and love for what you are doing there’s no good design. We believe that Design influence people’s life, so designers are not only business men or technicians dealings with budgets or computers, plans, 3d and constructions, but we have a social responsibility about what we create.

Participate to vision competitions is first of all a great practice for us, is also an interesting way to “think out of the box” and test our creativity. About Bangkok: I’m fashion Hub we were very excited when we saw it on Buildner website, our team is very into fashion, in fact we design most of our clothes and accessories.

We think that participate to architecture vision competitions is a good experience to grow as designer, strengthen skills and learn how to present design works. It also a good way to show you creativity worldwide and is an important chance to have your design work judge by experts.

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