How to earn points?

As a competition participant:

1 – Register in any Buildner competition as a student (find full student registration requirements here).

2 – After successful registration – complete the registration form in the project upload panel. Select your university from the Buildner university list and specify your university representative. In case your university is not on the list, please contact us.

3 – After successful completion of the registration form, you have already earned +2 points to your university. The points are published in the Buildner Architecture University Rankings only after the results announcement.

4 – Buildner will award the following points:

- 1st prize winners = 100 points
- 2nd prize winners = 70 points
- 3rd prize winners = 50 points
- Special award winners (Student, Green, Client's Favourite) = 50 points per award
- Shortlisted project (top 40) = 20 points
- Successful registration = 2 points

5 – In case a participant receives multiple awards, the points sum up.

6 – The points are published and added to the Buildner Architecture University Rankings only after the results announcement.

As a university representative:

Buildner welcome university mentors, tutors, lecturers, or any other university staff representatives to transform a topic of your interest into an international competition on our platform – the whole student class gets to participate for free! (Up to 10 teams, 1-4 team members per team.)

1 – Send us a proposal for a competition topic that you think would be interesting for our community. It can even be your scheduled course assignment.

2 – We will analyse your proposal and see if it fits our profile and will reply to you within 1–2 weeks.

3 – In case of a positive answer, we will prepare, schedule, and then launch the competition.

4 – You will have 10 free registrations for your students to enter the competition.

5 – Once the competition results are published, your university will be awarded 50 points for submitting a competition topic.

Please do not hesitate and contact us ([email protected]) for any further information or assistance. 

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