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The Tokyo Pop Lab is Buildner Architecture Competition Organisers' latest architecture competition in which architects and enthusiasts are asked to submit designs for an institution that will teach students the history of popular culture and prepare them for future ones.

Since Tokyo has such strong connections to its own cultural roots, it has easily absorbed international trends and become seen as the heart of Asian popular culture. Participants are asked to research and incorporate local and international trends in order to make their designs both creative and relevant.

Early bird registration for the Tokyo Pop Lab architecture competition runs from the 4th of November during which the entry fee will be US $90. Advanced registration, from 3rd of December will be US $120 before increasing to US $140 for final entrants up until the closing deadline for registration of 3rd of February.

Winners will be announced on the 2nd of March, 2016, in the meantime more information can be found on


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