We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the winner of one of our Honorable mentions for the “SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge” competition - Marcin Janulewicz, Patryk Jaskulski, Agata Ślusarek (Poland) and Jim Yeo (South Korea)!

Marcin Janulewicz and Patryk Jaskulski

Agata Ślusarek and Jim Yeo

Marcin: In the next half year I will finish my Master’s degree in Architecture at the Poznań University of Technology. At the same time I am studying engineering at the same University. Meanwhile, I am working in an architecture practice focusing mainly on the housing developments.

Patryk: I do not work in the profession I finished at University. In my surroundings I have many ambitious people who I am very happy to work with on students projects. Although we are young, we can already learn a lot from each other. Thankfully there are not that many students at my university that can be seen in the atmosphere.

Agata: I have studied Architecture at Cardiff University and now I am doing my Master’s in Architecture at the same University. Meanwhile, I have completed a summer course ‘European City and Regional Development Planning’ at Summer and Winter Humboldt University in Berlin. Now, as well as studying, I am working in an architecture practice in England as an architectural assistant.

Jim: Harrow school (London) / Cardiff University graduate in architecture (Ba/hon)

What does architecture mean to you and what is the role of an architect in your society?

Marcin: For me architecture is mainly connected with life. With the multitude of connections, experiences and events which happen not only inside the building, but also in their proximity. Architecture shapes societies and their members.

Patryk: There are as many definitions of architecture as there are architects. For me, personally, it is something that came to life through the evolution and development of our civilisation and is trying to keep up with its changing needs. An architect’s task is to define these needs and create a space which would fulfil them.

Agata: I personally agree with what Rem Koolhaas said that: ‘Architecture is a dangerous mix of power and importance.’ – I understand it as the power of creating exceptional spaces for people and the importance these spaces can have in their lives. The architect’s task is to make a meaningful use of this mix which would encourage a connection between humans and the spaces they inhabit.

Jim: Architects take social, environmental and economical factors in to consideration in order to create a space of dwelling for a number of different uses. It is an architect’s responsibility to enhance the way of life by the way we interact with the 3 qualities mentioned before.

Why do you participate in architecture vision competitions?

Marcin: I take part in the competitions to challenge my knowledge and skills, and to see how well I can do in comparison to other people. It is also a good chance to work in various areas of architecture.

Patryk: I take part in competitions because I like challenges.

Agata: I participate in architecture vision competitions to broaden my horizons, get new experiences, learn and become more open–minded.

Jim: I participated in this competition to practice my skills as an architecture student as well as to see if I can perform within a group as well as the international competitors.

What advice would you give to individuals who struggle to decide whether it would be beneficial for them to participate in architecture vision competitions?

Marcin: Every new project creates an occasion for further development. While creating a design for a competition we have to meet certain criteria, but also we are allowed to fully express and challenge our architectural approach and design freely. Then we gain knowledge and experience we can use in other projects, when we are more sure in the decision making process.

Patryk: When a project is designed with passion – even if it does not win – it provides us with experience which is priceless.

Agata: I believe that working on a vision competition provides you with a broader area of study to which you can create an exceptional and meaningful response. Additionally, if you are working in a team – especially in such an international team like ours – it is not only fun, but also you get to develop exceptional team skills as well as trust and understanding between team members. We learned not only about different views and options we had, but also about various ways of perceiving architecture which allowed us to develop a design based on an original idea – with a great purpose.

Jim: Taking part in this competition can be beneficial as one can sharpen their skills as an architect. Furthermore, once the competition is closed you can see what other teams have put out to see different takes and interpretation on the project.

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