The Ugandan film “Outed: The Painful Reality” has been selected to be screened at the Helsinki African Film Festival 2016. The film by Ugandan film director Hassam Kamoga, is a recounting of a true story of what happens when a young gay Ugandan man is publicly identified as being gay. It centres of the experience of John Alex Kigozzi being named and photographed for one's sexual orientation in the Ugandan tabloids. Based upon no evidence, the newspaper’s action sparked a nationwide debate, provoked religious zealots to spread hate crime messages, and ultimately destroy Kigozi’s entire life.

As part of the inspiration for our Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum architecture competition, we feel strongly about the message of this film, and if you are able to donate any small amount to help get Hassam to the festival it would be much appreciated. Every little bit helps towards airfare, accommodation and local transport so that Hassam can continue to spread his message of the inequality that is still taking place in Uganda.

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