All information presented below can be used freely, without Buildner Architecture Competition Organisers' written permission, for any media bodies but only for purposes relating to the Bangkok Fashion Hub competition. For potential media partners who are interested to present competition winners, please contact us on: [email protected]

Buildner Architecture Competition Organisers have recently announced the commencement of its latest competition, focused on supporting Bangkok in becoming the new ASEAN Fashion Capital. It’s a chance for architecture enthusiasts to win $10,000 and contribute creative ideas to the growth of the fashion industry in Bangkok.

Coinciding with the current government’s efforts to promote Bangkok as the ASEAN Fashion Capital, Buildner has launched an architectural competition tasking enthusiasts to create plans for a Fashion Hub complex within the Thailand capital. With the purpose of serving as a central location with facilities to provide education and experience to both fashion students as well as up and coming local fashion designers.

Though this current architecture competition is an academic exercise, Buildner team feels that it is a chance for architecture enthusiasts around the world to contribute creative ideas to a real life scenario. Architecture and fashion are both creative enterprises and Buildner team believes that one can compliment the other.

Early registration is now open at until 10th December. Those registering early will receive a reduced entrance fee of $100 instead of the usual fee of $120. Regular registration runs up until 14th January, after which point late registration is charged at $140 per entrant.




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