Please take this opportunity to get introduced to the honorable mentions winners of Triple Bridge Waterfront competition: Iryna Volynets and Mary Protsyk from Ukraine!

Each of us work in different architectural offices. Mary is working in WEST8 bureau in Rotterdam. I have my own Volynets architectural bureau in Lviv, Ukraine. We are in different countries; however, we unite when we feel that’s exact time to do something worth. Our first common project was when we’ve been studying at Lviv Polytechnic National University, and since that time our collaboration is a result of deep understanding of our architectural vision. We understand each other without words and think alike. Thus, it’s a big pleasure and enjoyment to do something together. Our common focus in architectural field is landscape/landform architecture. Mary is studying part time in Amsterdam academy. I am involved in PhD research in Ukraine and in few weeks I will conduct research in landform direction in Oregon university.

Mary: At West 8 I have a chance to work on projects all over the world. During last year I worked on: park competition in Hong Kong, urban planning in Nurnberg. Now I'm working on the project in London - design of the waterfront. It includes public spaces along the river, new connections with the city. Also, during last year I participated in competitions by my own: museum of music in Budapest and square in Plovdiv. So, I would say, I'm interested in different scales and always ready to learn something new. As an architect, I don't only focus on buildings. My interest is on the connections between buildings and surrounding.

Iryna: In my hometown I’m working on different scale projects: from individual houses to industrial complexes. At present moment, I am working together with Norwegian architectural bureau Helen&Partners on waterfront project in Forde, Norway. They invited me to make landscape design project, however, we changed everything and make architecture and landscape in one line. In this project, we’re trying to re-think the role of nature in architecture and unite everything. The interesting thing is that each of us, Mary and I, are working on waterfronts design project and we made together another waterfront building for Lepaja.

Mary: Architecture means for me a lot: the role of architect in society is very important. He or she can decide how, where, when people will live, work, enjoy and etc. It is a huge responsibility, which needs knowledges from different spheres: psychology, philosophy, art, technology and etc.

Iryna: Architecture is all my life. I can’t imagine my life without drawings, sketches, ideas. I think about architecture even when I’m sleeping. I think that the role of architects in society are tremendously important. Architecture affects people on daily basis. We shape buildings, districts, cities... and thereafter they shape society. Thus, we, architects, have unique possibility to live twice. And our second life is in our buildings, which are inevitable part of our soul.

We decided to take part in current competition after we read competition announcement and brief. The city waterfront made us excited. Moreover, the first thing we both had in our mind was that it should be something interesting. We both are in love with public spaces near waterfront and with kind of architecture that can be used to these surroundings. The Lepaja city gives us a hint that we can use landform architecture to make this place livable and attractive.

Iryna: Don’t struggle with decision whether it’s worth to do competition or not. Just do it! And let the whole world know about your ideas and your own vision on architecture.

Mary: Always follow your dreams even if you don’t know yet where they will bring you. The same is with competitions. You never know if you will win, but if you don’t try you don’t win. When I didn’t win my first competition I said to myself: «Ok, maybe I will not win 2nd and 3rd competition, but 5th or 10th I will win for sure.» This is my competition number 8. So, my advice is never give up and don’t disappoint if you didn’t win. Continue go to your goal!


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