We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the honorable mention winners of our Triple Bridge Waterfront competition: James Ferello and Connor Brindza from United States!

The two of us began collaborating closely on a variety of projects and research as we were completing our degrees at the University of Cincinnati, and continue to do so. Our professional experience stretches multiple scales and project types at firms across the United States. We are both now pursuing graduate degrees in architecture; James is at the University of Cincinnati and Connor is at the University of Michigan. Our strong ties to and presence in academia reinforce and support our path to research-based practice and teaching, keeping us grounded between theory and application.

Our research focuses on representation, socio-political context, collage, narrative, and fabrication. It stretches all scales, including everything from furniture design and production to urbanism. This broad range of explorations is constantly expanding our design world-view and provides an evolving set of decision-making tools. What remains consistent, however, is the physical act of building with each project. The realization of our work in three-dimensions, whether it be a full scale work desk or a 1:40 city model, is pivotal to our design process.

Architects anticipate; their work is a reaction to the spatial and urbanistic needs of the site and its city. For us, architecture is a game of reacting and analyzing—a process where we develop meaningful place through formal exploration. This process represents a major balancing act between architecture, art, theory, construction, psychology, context, and an infinite number of other inputs. That intersection is the goal for architects—the better it is understood, the richer the built environment becomes. 

Why do you participate in architecture vision competitions?

Architecture Vision Competitions presented us the opportunity to work through our ideas about architecture unhindered. We greatly admire the ability to explore architecture and its intersection between other disciplines the through the form of the competition. We view Architecture Vision Competitions as an area for us to develop new and revolutionary ideas. 

If you are unsure about your own ideas of architecture or have the feeling that you want to learn more then you should participate in Architecture Vision Competitions. These competitions are an outlet that allows you to think about and design architecture in different ways than either professional projects or academic projects can.

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