The #architecture hashtag has been used on Instagram some 98,855,802 times at the time of writing this article. There’s no doubt that the visual platform is ideal for architecture and design enthusiasts, with plenty of beautiful photography, sketches, and renders posted daily alongside inspiration and ideas.

There are almost too many fantastic accounts to count, but we’ve shortlisted 10 must-follow accounts for anyone who has ever hashtagged a post with #architecture.

1. Snøhetta

The Norwegian studio works in both architecture and landscape design as well as product design and graphic design, making for a more varied Instagram feed that features prints and products as often as it does buildings and structures. The firm is known for creating a dialogue with their 549,000 followers, tagging photos with the hashtag #MySnohetta.


2. Zaha Hadid Architects

One of, if not the most well-known architecture firms in the world, Zaha Hadid Architects have over 1.3m followers on Instagram. Their feed is a stunning combination of imagery, announcements, and video clips (including a video of Pharrell Williams declaring his love for the iconic architect).

3. Buildner architecture competitions

Ok, we obviously had to put our own Instagram feed in here.

With nearly 65,000 followers, Instagram is an ideal visual platform to showcase the incredible work of our architecture competition winners and runners-up; combining posts of plans and concept drawings alongside eye-watering renders that are sure to be worth a double-tap now and then.


4. AAPPAREL Architects' Apparel

RESPONSIBLE. SUSTAINABLE. SLOW FASHION. Premium quality @architects.apparel designed by and for architects! AAPPAREL Architects' Apparel is produced in Europe by a local family-owned atelier. Their craftspeople take pride in their skills. Each piece of clothing available on their site is thoughtfully designed and skilfully constructed. Their premium quality durable clothing will serve you for years. Buy less often! Be responsible and sustainable!


5. Omar Gandhi

If you’re into innovative, minimalist design, then you should already be following @og_architect on Instagram. The Canadian architecture firm is based in Halifax and Toronto and take the approach of working to use their designs to enhance the natural beauty around them. When there’s an interesting natural element they incorporate it into their designs and follow the belief that all structures should be "thoughtful, healthy, and elegant environments for its occupants."

6. Luciano Kruk

Buenos Aires native Luciano Kruk works primarily in residential design, and his 186,000 followers respond really well to his personal style. The feed is full of modern design, with mixed materials such as concrete and wood creating a balance of cool and warm tones.

Think blackened wood-wrapped walls, reflection pools, sand dunes against pine and acacia, timber-imprinted concrete, and massive sheets of glass.

7. Vincent Van Duysen

This Belgian architect has worked in many countries on a range of projects including architecture, interiors, and product design. He established his self-titled architecture firm in 1990 which has since grown into a team of over 20 collaborators.

Van Duysen’s style is one that focuses on functionality, durability, and comfort, and is not shy of aesthetics, but resist fashion and trends. His Instagram feed is therefore full of stunning images of architecture, as well as fine artworks, travel, and more than a few of his dog Gaston.

8. Steven Holl Architects

In the few years that it has been open, the Instagram account for Steven Holl Architects has amassed a following of 167,000. It features a pleasing mix of hand-drawn sketches, candid photos of events, stunning rendered images and snapshots of inspiring real-life architecture.

9. Architecture Hunter

Managed by Brazilian architect and urbanist Amanda Ferber, @architecture_hunter posts curated images of some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. With over 2.9m followers, this is a truly inspiring account that you should be following even if you only have a passing interest in architecture and design.

10. ARCHHIVE BOOKS - Architecture Books 

Your trustworthy source of inspiration and knowledge for architecture! @archhive.books  is series of publications expanding on the ideas presented by Buildner Architecture Competition Organisers. ARCHHIVE BOOKS aims to bring together architects with startups, entrepreneurs, developers, and problem-solving organizations which tackle these same global issues, often in ways other than building. ARCHHIVE merges the wealth of Buildner’ novel architectural design proposals, with complementary ideas in entrepreneurship, policy, and technology.


Share your favorite architecture Instagram posts with us @architecturecompetitions, or better still, take part in one of our architecture competitions for the chance to be featured as one of our winners!

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