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Buildner proudly unveils the results of its Virtual Home / Edition #2 competition, where architects and designers explored the boundless possibilities of home design without physical constraints.

Architects and designers delved into the profound question: In the absence of physical limits, what considerations shape a home? This inquiry sparked a creative exploration into the fundamental principles that govern our homes when liberated from spatial boundaries.

Buildner expresses sincere gratitude to all designers who participated, acknowledging the remarkable contributions that enriched the competition. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the winners for their outstanding work.

The 1st prize was awarded to Yulun Liu and Dongqi Chen from the United States for their project, Ephemeral Domiciles. This visionary concept redefines the virtual home as a reflection of reality, offering a nurturing environment for healing past wounds and fostering self-reconciliation. Specifically designed for individuals with physical and mental disabilities, it enables them to experience the world without physical constraints.

Securing the 2nd prize are Mihail Doychev and Marina Ignatova from Bulgaria. Their project, an exploration of the virtual world's influence, challenges the notion of a mere reflection of reality. This abstract landscape, "shaped by our minds and hearts," serves as a refuge with elements borrowed from real-world architecture. Glass walls and columns become objects of memory, transforming and taking on new purposes to alter experience and perception.

The 3rd and Student award go to Shiyu Ma and Yichi Zhang from the United States, Stuart Weitzman School of Design. Their project, Driss' Virtual Home - A Virtual Utopia Drawn by Transference, introduces a VR-augmented home that offers a personalized virtual space for emotional connection through memory and sensory experience. It serves as a highly customizable space for virtual work, business, socializing, and recreation, breaking free from physical constraints.

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1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd and Student Prize