The purpose of the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge is to generate design ideas for iconic high rise buildings in cities around the globe. Architects, design students, engineers, and artists are challenged to submit proposals that question the potentials of high-rise construction, to redefine skyscraper design with new technologies, materials, programs, forms, facade solutions and other tools.

The competition is organised in collaboration with Manipal Executive Education (MEE), a leading provider of corporate and executive education solutions in the Middle East and Africa. The winning entries will be showcased at the Manipal University Dubai School of Design & Architecture campus during its annual Global Tall Building Studio, a five-day workshop where architecture students and industry experts discuss and develop new concepts for the future of high-rise structures.

Dubai is the ideal centre for such a discussion, as the world's testing ground for experiments in high-rise construction. Since the stabilisation of the world economy in the 1990s Dubai became a financial centre for foreign trading communities - following key political alignments and a global increase in oil prices Dubai began a large-scale reinvention of its infrastructure. The city today is home to more than 900 high-rises, 88 taller than 180 metres, and 18 above 300 metres. The Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest man-made structure at a height of 829.8m.

The SKYHIVE is an open architecture ideas competition, with few design restrictions: participants are free to interpret the brief as they choose. Proposals are not constrained by site, program or height. To place emphasis on the need for towers to recognize issues of density, the submitted design is requested to be limited to a site of 130x80m.

Submitted projects touched on issues of globalisation, sustainability, design adaptability, digital trends, and developing concepts in engineering. Each of the winning projects shows an ambition to rewrite the definition of the 21st-century skyscraper. The jury evaluated entries based on a number of factors, including sensitivity to the environment, potential to serve as a landmark, analysis of form, and creativity. They found that entries proposed a wide variety of structural themes, materials, and facade and typical floor plate design. Bee Breeders would like to thank each entrant and team for for their participation.


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1st Prize Winner

Project name

Aero Hive

Competitions help spur our creativity and encourage lateral thinking. This is our second international vision competition that we have participated in and find that they give us a unique opportunity to be creative and free with our vision. Also we find ideas valuable in the sense that it help us as a community discuss and debate over various issues. Developing a brief for a competition is a complex task and the overall process can be very demanding both financially and creatively. If we were purely concerned with the business of architecture then very few of us would be in the profession.

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Authors Suraksha Acharya,
Country India

2nd Prize Winner

Project name

Chicago Pillar

This was my first design competition. I love the freedom to push the boundaries of design and to explore futuristic concepts of form, space and technology. The majority of us will lose that vision when leaving school and entering the workforce, but these competitions allow us to rekindle why we wanted to be an architect in the first place.

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Authors Jon Carag,
Country United States

3rd Prize Winner +

Project name

The Wall

Buildner is a platform that allow us to exercise our design skills and explore unconventional situations, that is why we have the opportunity to experiment and address the projects with ideas that might not be feasible in real life.

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Authors Elizabeth Compeán Michel, Gabriel Alejandro Madrigal Betancourt, Juan Jesús García Castro, Rodrigo Zertuche Rodríguez
Country Mexico
+158 points Buildner University Rankings


Project name


When we decided to join the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge, our first participation in an architecture vision competition, we were fascinated by the idea to open our minds to a new design topic.

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Authors Alessandro Buffi, Gian Maria Angelini,
Country Italy

Honorable Mentions

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Project name

Climate Tower

Country Netherlands
Project name

Timber Towers

Country United States
Project name

Flocks In Flux

Project name


University Iuav
Authors Francesco Maria Fratini, Marco Padovani,
Country Italy
+102 points Buildner University Rankings
Project name

Dam Scraper

Authors Marcin Janulewicz, Patryk Jaskulski, Agata Ślusarek, Jim Yeo
Country Poland
Project name

Vertical Walkway 12°

Authors Gabriel Ciosu, Adrian Gustavo Moreno, Luis Miguel Arcas Murillo, Vladimir Slachtovsky
Country Switzerland

Shortlisted projects

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jordan hart


karolina grujic

olivera neskovic


shiyen wu

jun-han huang

pei-shan chen

chun-teng lin

National united university

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!

shi-yen wu

bo-ruei huang

National united university

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!

shabnam salehi

raziyeh sadat emrani

mahnaz bazzaz

mahsa hajipour

Islamic azad university of kerman

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!

jessica gardner

United States

florencia maggi

florencia tatiana gomez


fatima al doukhi

brian berk

United States

Madero Tower

lucas bracalente

lucas zlotnik


dilan Şenses

selanur demir

pinar soylu


thanh vo trung

anh phan tuan

Vo gia corp company limited


tiago cabral

lily isyk


DNA Blockchain Skyscraper

stephanie pieri

arthur mamou-mani

Company arup + company mamou-mani collaboration

United Kingdom

krishna salim

joseph sebastian

sudhir ambawata

pon pacharapan hinmuangkow

United Kingdom

morong lin

siyu wang

Kth royal institute of tecchnology

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!

The Bridge

tarun bhatia

obhishek mandal

United States

City Garden Towers

natalia giacomino

facundo damian taborda

victoria gauna

alberto cassano


elisa dellarossa

federica filippone

giulia filippone

salvatore cicero


mashael alhothali

United States

mohit patil

nilesh khare

amruta pathak

rutuja nivate

Dr. d.y. patil college of architecture

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!

Project ID 9419: The Sydney Sail

marisa mines

United States

elizabeth wiatrolik

United States

kelly hayes

United States

Project ID 9398 Cosmopolitan Community

michael penzel

United States

alexander good

United States

alexandrea volungus

gavin reeb

United States

albert yu



johann wilhelm timmermann gastélum

jose daniel jacobo ahumada

alejandro arias


mateusz binkowski

joanna targowicz


ricky doshi

vatsal vazir


anna vylegzhanina

natalia kalistratova

Russian Federation
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