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The purpose of the SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge was to generate design ideas for iconic high rise buildings in cities around the globe. The winners were chosen for the originality and creativity of their designs to create a potential iconic landmark.

The winning project was submitted by Suraksha Acharya from India. The ‘AERO HIVE’ project reduced the monumentality of the high-rise by dividing the volume into two towers and featuring a porous and organic form.

Second and third place winners were ‘Chicago Pillar’ by Jon Carag from the USA and ‘The Wall’ by Elizabeth Compeán Michel, Gabriel Madrigal Betancourt, Juan Jesús García Castro, and Rodrigo Zertuche Rodríguez from Mexico University.

The former created an almost entirely universal design, attractive in its simplicity. The latter - which was also awarded the BB Student Award - played with the topical concept of building walls in order to close national borders.

Finally, Alessandro Buffi and Gian Maria Angelini from Italy received the BB Green Award for their project EVOLUZIONE, whose timber frame molded to take advantage of sunlight and views.

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