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Please note: full presentation boards (plans, sections, diagrams, 3d perspectives and elevations) and official jury comments can be found here.

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The winners of Buildner’ latest architecture competition have been selected from over 120 submissions from architecture enthusiasts from around the world. The competition challenged participants to design a temporary pavilion for the education of social, political and religious tolerance, to be erected in Russia’s Red Square, Moscow.

The quality of the submissions was extremely high and the winners were chosen for the strength of their concept, originality, quality of their presentation and, most importantly, political and social influence of their design.

Our first place winners Space-Ing Walls, from Italy, were selected for their simple yet powerful concept. Moving away from the Square’s centre and attaching the pavilion to the Kremlin itself was a bold idea that speaks powerfully to an audience in a country that has known so much oppression in its past. 

“In the space created by this project, visitors are forced to confront the wall's darker past as they are educated about a tolerant future, thus creating a powerful dichotomy.” - Buildner Jury.

With our 3 winners hailing from different countries (Italy, Norway and France), this competition has shown how the subject of tolerance is an important political and social topic in countries all around the world; it also highlights how world-class design can be universal.

There have been some incredible projects submitted to this competition and the ideas from the future architects of the world gives us hope that tolerance is something that will be built-in to tomorrow’s landscape..

1st prize winners presentation images and project statement

2nd prize winners presentation images and project statement

3rd prize winners presentation images and project statement

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Competition winners (official announcement + jury comments)

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