We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the 2st prize winners of our "Red Square Tolerance " competition: Justyna Mydlak and Natalia Podejko from Poland! 

We are team consisting of Justine Mydlak and Natalia Podejko – 22 year old self-motivated students of Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. Our collaboration started during Erasmus Student Exchange in Denmark where in 2013. Besides studying we are involved in many projects – participating in national and international workshops, public initiatives, street art and many others. We are full of positive energy, enthusiastic about new challenges. Foundation of our team are neverending stormy discussions – this is when we create the best idea.

In projects/competitions we are always looking for something what is pushing us to solve some problem and letting us to stand out from the crowd to express our visions. Despite our age we were involved in variety of projects in Poland and all around the world, winning some of them. They differ from small installation to wide areas of urban designs. Projects are based on experiments and context, implementing unique strategies.

One of our projects was Home Island – Manila Slums Solutions. Competition task was to solve problem of one of the global slums -depending on area and its values. We wanted to connect people in friendly terms to change their housing problems.

Other completely different project was Miami Bike Station – in sustainable way cooling down from the ground and power of sea waves. In Social aspects of the project we were inspired by Jane Jacobs, an American activist and journalist well-known for her urban studies.

Architecture for us is influenced by many issues, from world situation in economic and ecological aspect to focus on existing and further inhabitants. Forgetting that our role is not only the creation of space in blank way but rather to think of three-diametional palimpsest of layers. Architects in our society forget that they are not only a craftsman but also a researchers, artists and social activists. Being attracted by money possible to get in collaboration with property developers. Building housing or office areas which not only does not fit to the context but also separate existing urban tissue. Ethics of this professions is controversial. All in all we are always trying to look in the future with optimistic view believing in development of architects education and morality.

We are interested in architecture in extreme environments – regarding social, natural and economic aspects. Keeping in mind that architecture can really solve many issues which plague modern communities, we are trying to convince ourselves architecture vision competitions are making us one step closer to do something in this area. The popularity of this type of competitions holds hope that so many young architects are full of good energy and need of change.

Architecture vision competitions aim for us to stimulate thinking for not only this project but to give us some inspiration to other projects done every day in office or university. To be a winner or a looser - it doesn't matter. It is always strengthen of self-confidence but not reason to lost ourselves ‘for the result’. Original ideas which we are full of individualism can be represented and appreciated.


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