This competition tasked participants with envisioning a visitor observation platform to be constructed atop Nemrut, a volcano located in eastern Turkey. Positioned at an altitude of 2,800 metres at the southern edge of the dormant volcano, the intent of this new landmark is to provide unobstructed views overlooking the extraordinary caldera and its internal lakes, as well as the immense Lake Van to the east.

A caldera is a large depression formed when the ground surface collapses into the emptied magma chamber following a volcanic eruption, becoming a crater. With a total area of 4,800 hectares, and a diameter varying from 7 to 8.5 km, the Nemrut caldera is among the largest in the world. A pair of lakes within the crater - Lakes Ilı and Nemrut - support a microclimate with flora and fauna unique to the region, in part because the water bodies are fed by hot springs and never fully freeze during the winter months.

Participants were asked to deliver proposals for a 20 sqm iconic viewing station designed in consideration of this unique natural environment. The competition was not limited to a strict budget, but participants were recommended to conceive designs on the scale of US $100k. Given the site and limited access, submissions with cost-effective, environmentally-responsible and energy-efficient construction methods were viewed favorably. Access from a nearby ski lift station to the site should also have been considered in the design.

A number of factors were discussed by the jury while reviewing the submissions: If a platform were to be constructed, firstly can it offer something which the volcano’s current peak does not - shelter, new perspectives, or accessibility? Can it perform as a landmark that might encourage more visitors to make the journey to the natural marvel of the Nemrut caldera? Can it question given assumptions as to how a viewing station should function? Bee Breeders would like to thank each participant for their part in assembling a rich trove of new design ideas.


1st Prize Winner +

Project name


The architecture vision competitions allow the possibility to take the design process to a level where experimentation and speculation become problem solving strategies in a creative and unconventional way. This is the perfect venue for telling a story through architecture.

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Authors Fernando Irizarry, Marcos Ortiz, Gabriel Rivera,
Country Puerto Rico
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2nd Prize Winner

Project name

Nemrut Caldera Observation Route

It is a refreshing exercise and an escape from our everyday works. Generally, we get to design things that we do not regularly have a chance to design – sometimes for places and users we do not get to think about. It is a rewarding opportunity to face a challenge and develop new design perspectives as a result.

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Country Turkey

3rd Prize Winner

Project name

A Walk Beyond The Edge

This kind of competition is a good field for matching with other points of view. It can be fascinating to observe how a place can be conceived by other architects and designers. It gives you an opportunity to try different approaches and experiment which is definitely something you don’t see every day.

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Authors Giuseppe Pastonesi, Desislava Georgieva, Marchela Varbanova, Nina Gerosa
Country Italy


Project name

Obsidian & Steel

Competition prompts give us the constraints and platform to pursue creative design projects outside of the office. They also motivate us to follow through on these pursuits through a financial investment and fixed schedule.

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Authors Sam Naylor, Elaine Stokes,
Country United States

Honorable Mentions

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Project name

The Train

Authors Fang Xu, Yuxuan Jiang, Zhi Wen Sun
Country Canada
Project name

Reverie of the Edge

Authors June Yong, Chun Fei Wong,
Country Malaysia
Project name

A door to Nemrut

Authors Venessa Mok, Guido Mitidieri,
Country Finland
Project name

Re-Discovering Nemrut

Authors Joseph Mwaisaka,
Country Kenya
Project name


Authors Marilu de Bies, Simon Wijrdeman,
Country Netherlands
+72 points Buildner University Rankings
Project name

Flying Over The Landscape

Authors Holger Patricio Cuadrado Torres, Edwin Patricio Moreno Estrada, Jimmy Paul Sinchire Capa, José Armando Paucar Ríos
Country Ecuador

Shortlisted projects

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jad abdelnour

tarek haddad


henry grosman

United States

vasileios sempsis

United Kingdom

khushboo gupta khandelwal


thomas haller

emily gross

United States

benjamin kellogg

United States


pooventhiran p sangar

hui meng tuang

navinraj p sangar

widad bamadhaj


riccardo erata

andrea manzini


murat yavuz

jason kachanovsky

hilario torres

United States

simone paganelli

giordano pirozzi


ewelina bugajewicz

Bialystok university of technology

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

xinyuan feng

The university of sydney

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

jan mach

Czech Republic

lesia petrovska

robert john lewis

semih igci


cirilo leal cabrera

jenny del pino díaz


albert ohanian

gaetan pakdaman


david huntly-grant


amir hossein hajizadeh


A Walk Beyond The Edge

giuseppe pastonesi

desislava georgieva

marchela varbanova

nina gerosa


olivia fung

julian wylegly


Caldera Gaze

iakovos sierifis

charikleia chouli

panos athanasiou

ioannis periclis papapetrou

National technical university of athens

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jesse goguen

royd zhang

erik weaver

United States

william handyside

joseph istance

United Kingdom

brian torres

michelle perez

christian gonzalez

Universidad de puerto rico rio piedras

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!
Puerto Rico

gizem kadioglu

izim can kurtaran


noémi éva sebestyén

kázmér domokos

szilárd suba- faluvégi

Moholy- nagy university of art and design budapest

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

ali zolfaghari

sina sadeghi

sina gozashteh

mahyar jalali


haoran xu


seungsoo lee

South Korea

chaoqiong guo

yiwen shi

ying yan

boya li


péter vági

lászló jaskó


fernando israel leal leyte

nicolas eduardo voegelin chavira

rene vargas lopez

cesar wong bustamante

Voleva arquitectos


ana paunovic

andelka markovic

ana popovic



fernando irizarry

marcos ortiz

gabriel rivera

University of puerto rico, rio piedras campus

+178 points Buildner University Rankings!
Puerto Rico

Flying Over The Landscape

holger patricio cuadrado torres

edwin patricio moreno estrada

jimmy paul sinchire capa

josé armando paucar ríos


begüm yaldız

merve alagöz


james tanner

edyta milczarek

United Kingdom


marilu de bies

simon wijrdeman

Academie van bouwkunst amsterdam

+72 points Buildner University Rankings!

Re-Discovering Nemrut

joseph mwaisaka


A door to Nemrut

venessa mok

guido mitidieri


davide bertin

michele prendini

Università iuav di venezia

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

Reverie of the Edge

june yong

chun fei wong


joão ribeiro

daniel nunes

elisabete pinho

antónio brancas


monika jokiel

Wrocław university of science and technology

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

Obsidian & Steel

sam naylor

elaine stokes

United States

The Train

fang xu

yuxuan jiang

zhi wen sun


Nemrut Caldera Observation Route

keremcan kirilmaz

erdem batirbek

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