Do you remember ‪architecture competition‬ series on ‪Karosta‬, a former soviet military town in ‪‎Liepaja‬, ‪Latvia‬? Please show your support to Karosta and its revitalization attempt! A team of dedicated and creative students from Liepaja have a fantastic incentive to open a new attraction in Karosta - Escape Room Karosta in ‪‎Karosta Prison‬.

Escape Room Karosta is a real-life adventure game where you are locked in a room full of secret puzzles. If a puzzle is solved, it can be a key to the freedom. But one’s time is running out – one is given 60 minutes only to solve the puzzle. 2 – 5 people can participate in the game. This game can be an exciting adventure for you and your friends as well as an empowering team building activity for business companies.

Karosta Prison is run by a non-profit organization Karosta Rescue Society. It offer its guests guided tours and museum expositions as well as some shocking experiences as the reality show "Behind the bars" and “The extreme night”. Karosta Prison has been voted the most extraordinary hotel in the world and believe us – it’s for a reason!

Find out more on the campaign and donate here
Architecture competition ‪Ghost Town Challenge‬ results here

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