Please take this opportunity to get introduced to the 3rd prize winners of Himalayan Mountain Hut competition - Agata Dziemiańczyk, Jędrzej Pawlaczyk and Mirosław Wojcieszak from Poland!

Agata Dziemiańczyk

Born in 1989, Poland. Graduated in 2013 from Poznan University of Technology with a masters degree in architecture and urbanism. Since 2010 and throughout her during studies, she has worked in collaboration with various architecture studios and companies, doing commercial projects, family housing and interior design. From the very beginning she has liked taking part in architectural competitions as the best way to improve both creative design and architectural skills. She is interested in the interdependencies between architectural environment and people's life.

Jędrzej Pawlaczyk
Born in 1989, Poland. Graduated in 2013 from Poznan University of Technology with a masters degree in architecture and urbanism. He has about three years of professional experience. From a young age he has been trying to connect a mathematical mind with artistic interests, and the best way to become a good architect is self-development in many fields, not only architectural. That’s why he decided to study philosophy at University of Warsaw and continue to improve musical skills.

Mirosław Wojcieszak
Born in 1988, Poland. Graduated in 2013 from Poznan University of Technology with a masters degree in architecture and urbanism. During his studies, Miroslaw found that self-development was important on many levels. For him it meant developing theoretical as well as practical skills. The best way for this was connected to his studies at university, cooperating with professional architectural offices and taking part in many different competitions, both architectural and graphical. Every chance should be taken to improve different architectural features, for example aesthetics, functionality, technical and material solutions.

We are Poznan based informal group of young architects. We work as professionals for an architectural office, doing commercial projects like housing or office buildings. We gained a great deal of work and technical experience, but instead of finishing our day with some entertainment, we chose to do something more, something different, although still called architecture.

As it is our free time activity we do it entirely in our way, free of schedules, budgets and other limits, completely focused on the idea of creating the future, not things people are used to.

Why do you participate in architecture vision competitions?

We participate in architecture vision competitions because they trigger an open discussion on new topics in architecture and we want to have our voice heard in the debate. In daily life it is rarely possible to get such ambitious and fascinating projects to work on. In doing a project that is destined to be built, we are gaining great technical and working experience, but we want something more. We want to play, to experiment, to develop creativity and finally find the limits. Vision competitions are the best way of doing this - they have surprising and challenging tasks, motivating to search for unconventional solutions. However, while working on a competition project the designers get no feedback, so can propose his vision as he could see it from scratch, as a whole, complex project. Whatsmore - a number of young, ambitious architects are doing the same project, so at the end of it all you can compare and learn a lot, seeing how other people all over the world tackled the same problem. It is great experience that other types of work couldn't offer you.

What advice would you give to individuals who struggle to decide whether it would be beneficial for them to participate in architecture vision competitions?

We believe every passionate architect can clearly see the benefits of taking part in a competition, so we gave the most important reason for each of us:

Agata: I like to compete, and that is what motivates me to pushing my limits. I couldn't search for a solution to any imaginary problem so long and with this insistence. Competition atmosphere makes me do my best.

Jędrzej: Architecture vision competitions are a great workout of the imagination. In my opinion it is very important for young architects to care about being open minded, full of beautiful ideas and this kind of competition is the best and the most enjoyable way to broaden architectural and ideological horizons.

Mirosław: One of the best things in architectural competitions is the creative atmosphere. Brainstorming and confrontations of different ideas is the most important moment. Sometimes it can be very difficult but when finally we achieve a brilliant idea that we all believe – it is the best feeling.

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