The Festival State Award will be awarded by a separate, Adelaide-based jury to a scheme that demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the temporal, ephemeral, and seasonal qualities that form the basis of Adelaide’s unique ‘Festival State’ identity - in addition to the main competition criteria, being an urban catalyst for a ‘Creative Adelaide’.

Events and festivals leave a mark of permanence on the places they engage with in the form of memories, building upon layers of context that already exist within them. The complex layering of history, culture and emotion makes festival and event spaces a framework for exploration into how Adelaide can further enrich its identity and sense of place. As such, the Festival State Award jury will be looking for a scheme that reflects, harnesses, or celebrates Adelaide’s temporal context and evolving urban landscape.

Possible aspects of such a scheme might include (but are not limited to): temporary rather than permanent structures; designs that accommodate a variety of seasonal events; designs with a high degree of flexibility for changing uses; or designs which offer a multitude of experiences during different times.

The Festival State Award Jury Panel:

Kaare Krokene, Senior Architect, Snøhetta; 
Brian Parkes, CEO, JamFactory;
Dr Rachel Hurst, Senior Lecturer, University of South Australia, School of Art, Architecture and Design;
Anthony Balsamo, Architect, WalterBrooke, Adelaide.

All participants are eligible to receive the 'Festival State Award'. If the jury panel selects a 'Festival State Award' submission for the top 3, it will be awarded both prizes. 

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