The Modern Collective Living Challenge is part of the Bee Breeders Global Housing Crisis competition series. For this architecture competition, participants were tasked with envisioning new forms of accessible housing for relocated farmers in rural China. There was a very high standard of entry, with a very strong sense of clarity and understanding of the brief in the submitted projects.

When selecting winners, the jury panel were looking for projects that were flexible and adaptable to the differing needs of the users. Another defining attribute of selected winning projects was their demonstrable ability to reflect on the traditional Chinese lifestyle.

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Affordable Housing Series #16 ideas COMPETITION

1st Prize Winner +

Project name

21st century Tulou | Modern Collective Living Challenge

Architecture vision competitions are important to challenge our architecture to be more than practical and they give us a better view on the builded society in the future.

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Authors Misak Terzibasiyan, Athanasia Kalaitzidou, Luigi Simone
Country Netherlands

2nd Prize Winner +

Project name

Community Of Farmers "HIVE"

Participation in architectural competitions allows me and my colleagues in the studio to apply our own ideas and practice author's methods in the process of solving various architectural problems.This can be both small design tasks, and large conceptual works, for example, the concept of territory development. Participating in contests brings up such important qualities for the architect, such as the ability to quickly switch from one task to another and the ability to complete work on time.

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Authors Ilsiyar Gabdrakhmanova,
Country Russian Federation

3rd Prize Winner

Project name

One Grid One Community

I like interesting challenges that I cannot often encounter in school. Schools are training us for the professional world, so we will have a very certain theme and specific requirements which can be constraining sometimes. Competitions give me more freedom and control to think about architecture problems and it is fun.

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Honorable Mentions

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Project name

Winding Wall Housing

University Columbia university gsapp
Authors Tien Chen,
Country United States
+52 points Buildner University Rankings
Project name


Authors Ana Rolim, Maria Júlia Jaborandy, Larissa Falavigna, Hugo Santiago
Country Brazil
Project name

Building Stories

Authors Sixin Liang, Su Wu, Taifu Zheng,
Country Italy
+52 points Buildner University Rankings
Project name

Hutong 2.0

Project name

Collective Modern Living

Authors Mengzhu Jiang, Naidi Li, Kyle Hui
Country Australia
+52 points Buildner University Rankings
Project name

Greater Beijing - Imagining a Post-Hukou Rural Territory of China

Shortlisted projects

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dayanna marcela salazar marin

maria camila hernandez daguer

jose fernando almeida

wilmer ferney vargas prada


bianca alexandra gavrila

george stanescu

emilia stanescu

teodora anda capra-robescu

Universitatea de arhitectura si urbanism "ion mincu"

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

Project ID 9522

petros terra

clara marinho

lucas coelho netto


pui quan choi

masahiro nakamura

United Kingdom

ntchwaidumela thomas

North carolina state university

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!
United States

roniel vincent armas


xiaowei bai

United States

mingjun yin

United States

rafael abarca maichil

francesca riquelme sanchez

elizabeth hawas rodriguez

juan godoy asencio

Universidad de las américas

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

antonio sepulveda bustos

jesus vergara delgado

catherine gutierrez pezoa

cristian gonzalez

Universidad de las américas

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

shobha narendran

guochuan kwang

Singapore university of technology and design

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

bob jr calumba


juntian chen

jin yi

letian zhang

jing chen

qianxin lin


cindy cao

diana si

University of waterloo school of architecture

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

Project ID 9139

arber sadiki

vildane maliqi


macarena reinoso

chiara stornaiolo


emanuele calabrò

serena casamento barbitta

andrea cippitelli


karen hewson

ruvimbo moyo

South Africa

mariana moro

eduardo tong

marcella carone


andrew druding

United States

faisal isfan

erin damayanti

rama dwiwahyu

romy dwiwahyu

Universitas katolik parahyangan

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

kathleen hogan

michael da silva

matthew imperato

Spiezle architectural group, inc.

United States

adam ho yong sheng

alyssa cassidy ajin

jason lim zhe hui

serene lim jia yi

Limkokwing institute of creative technology

+22 points Buildner University Rankings!

ernesto preciado

jonathan joong

United States

anna vylegzhanina

natalia kalistratova

Russian Federation

hancheng zhang

hansen sentosa

United States

bosseno eddy


domenico malara

alessia malara

domenico romeo

alessia stelitano


kaikang shen

boqun hui

United States

florencia gutierrez

james herrmann

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