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Winners of the Modern Collective Living Challenge have been selected, with winning projects singled out for their flexibility and adaptability to multiple locations. Winning projects also managed to marry modern living situations with traditional Chinese cultures, creating a balance between old and new.

Misak Terzibasiyan, Athanasia Kalaitzidou and Luigi Simone from the Netherlands were awarded first prize for their 21st Century Tulou project. The project recreated a version of the ancient Chinese communal residences, using natural materials and creating a controlled system of internal courtyards that help to feel more secure and create a sense of ownership. Its natural materials also awarded it the BB Green Award for sustainability.

Second place winner Ilsiyar Gabdrakhmanova from Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering in Russia also received our BB Student award. Their Community of Farmers Hive project envisioned vertically-stacked agricultural plots within cities centres provide communal housing and reduce environmental impact. Zihao Wei from University of Waterloo, Canada took third place with their One Grid One Community project, whose this lifted grid structure would be an adaptable housing project in a region in which villagers come from many different parts of the country.

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1st prize

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