Morocco’s unique location as a connecting point between Europe, the Middle East and Africa means that cultures from around the world constantly co-exist there. Throughout its long history Casablanca has seen its fair share of strife and conflict, with violent acts claiming many lives, regardless of their religion, creed or culture.

Extremist acts are, in a way, a form of ignorance, believing blindly that violent actions will help your cause when in fact they only harm it. In order to battle this ignorance Buildner architecture competition organisers is proposing an ideas competition to transform the site of a previous act of violence into one that educates and works to eliminate ignorance.

Buildner architecture competition organisers are therefore tasking participants with creating ideas for the Casablanca Bombing Rooms whose main function will be as a public library on the site of the 2003 Casablanca bombings.



Competition is open for all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). 


- Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English. 
- All information submitted by participants must be in English.

Bombing Rooms