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The winners of the Casablanca Bombing Rooms have been selected by our jury panel, with 3 fantastic winning teams from 3 different countries around the world - Australia, China and Japan. Rooted in a context of tragedy, the Casablanca Bombing Rooms architecture competition seeks to bring together the local community for collective gathering, learning and cultural exchange in the quest for peace.

Designs for the library / exhibition space / cultural center were evaluated on a number of criteria such as: strength and clarity of concept, originality, quality of presentation appropriateness to context, and the design’s ability to raise awareness against violence and encouraging group involvement.

The winning design for ‘The Casablanca Bombing Rooms’ came from an Australian team and shows a civic-oriented public library and learning center of a simple yet layered concept. The second prize-winning design, entitled Rebirth, comes from a Chinese design team, in which positions itself as a Phoenix, rising up from the ashes of the bombings to transcend violence through collective knowledge and learning. Finally the third prize design, CASABLANCA, is a project from Japan focused on community outreach and collective knowledge.The jury described it as “a clean proposal that directly addresses the task of educating the greater public about non-violence.”

1st prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd prize:

Download high resolution images and diagrams 

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