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Buildner for Saudi Arabia

Buildner’s experience in the Middle East positions us as ideal partners for Saudi Arabia's ambitious architectural projects. With a proven track record in organizing high-impact architecture competitions, we can connect Saudi Arabia’s visionary goals with global architectural talent.

Our expertise can elevate your projects, harnessing innovative design to create sustainable, iconic landmarks. Let’s collaborate to transform Saudi Arabia’s architectural landscape.

Buildner's offer to Saudi Arabia

At Buildner, we specialize in bringing architectural dreams to life. With a rich history spanning over a decade, we've orchestrated more than a hundred successful competitions, leaving an indelible mark on the world of architecture.

Our recent collaboration with the Dubai government stands as a testament to our expertise. This partnership resulted in one of the world's most acclaimed architectural competitions, showcasing our capability to handle projects of significant magnitude and complexity.

A Decade of excellence

Our ten-year journey has been marked by relentless innovation and unparalleled success in the architectural competition arena

Global architect network

We boast a network of over 300 elite architects, ensuring that your jury panel is composed of the best minds in the industry

Expansive reach

Our global outreach extends to over 200,000 architects and designers, offering you an unmatched pool of talent and creativity

Understanding Saudi Arabia's architectural aspirations

At Buildner, we have closely followed and admired Saudi Arabia's bold and visionary goals, recognizing the depth and specificity of your aspirations:


Pioneering projects like Neom and "The Line" reflect your commitment to building futuristic, sustainable cities that seamlessly integrate with nature, powered entirely by renewable energy.


A $500 billion mega-project intending to be powered entirely by clean energy. Neom is envisioned as a new model for urban living, incorporating autonomous vehicles and public transport as main modes of travel. It includes The Line, a 170km-long city, among other innovative developments.

The Red Sea Project

This project aims to develop luxury tourism with eco-friendly resorts, overwater villas, and new mangrove habitats across more than 28,000 square kilometers, including an archipelago of over 90 islands.


Planned to transform this region into a cultural capital, AlUla’s development includes preserving its ancient tombs and sandstone landscapes while adding over 7,500 hotel rooms, residential units, and a contemporary art museum.


Aiming to showcase Saudi Arabia’s history, this $62.2 billion project will restore many historical sites and introduce new museums, hotels, retail spaces, and the King Salman Boulevard, inspired by Paris’s Champs-Elysees.


Positioned just outside Riyadh, this project is set to become one of the world’s largest entertainment destinations. It will feature a Six Flags theme park, a championship golf course, a water park, and a sports stadium.

Economic diversification through architecture

You're not just building structures; you're crafting a diversified economy. By focusing on architectural innovation, you're moving beyond oil-dependency towards a robust, varied economy.

Cultural and touristic landmarks

Saudi Arabia aims to create architectural wonders that double as global tourist attractions. These projects are not merely buildings; they're destinations in themselves, drawing the world's attention.

Sustainable urban development

Your focus on green energy and sustainable living is evident in your urban planning.

Buildner aligns with Saudi Arabia's goals through architecture competitions

Buildner's architecture competitions serve as a dynamic platform where Saudi Arabia's architectural aspirations take form.

Creating iconic landmarks

Our competitions focus on designing buildings that aren't just structures but icons, boosting tourism and international interest.

Symbolizing innovation

Each competition serves as a beacon of innovation, portraying Saudi Arabia as a hub of cutting-edge design and technology.

Sustainable and smart urban development

We encourage designs that emphasize sustainability and smart city solutions, in line with Saudi Arabia’s vision for future-ready urban spaces.

Cultural showcase

Our platform is a stage for blending Saudi Arabia's rich cultural essence with modern architectural innovation, creating spaces that are both unique and globally appealing.

Global collaboration for local impact

By attracting international architects and designers, we ensure a diverse pool of ideas, each contributing to Saudi Arabia's vision of becoming a global leader in architectural design.

Buildner's competitions are more than contests; they can become catalysts for achieving Saudi Arabia's goals, from boosting tourism to establishing a reputation as a global innovation hub.

Case study: The Buildner-Dubai innovative partnership

Insights into a pioneering architectural collaboration between Buildner and Dubai government


The "House of the Future" competition, initiated by the Dubai government, challenges architects and designers to develop innovative housing designs for Dubai's residents. The primary goal is to create homes that are culturally resonant, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and smart, all within a budget of no more than 1 million Emirati Dirhams.

Learn more

The House of the Future competition reaffirmed Dubai's position as a beacon of innovation and creativity on the global stage, driven by our dedication to improving the quality of life for the people of Dubai.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council

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