The Bangkok Artist’s Retreat competition is a case study in how to engage the public with the arts. By repurposing a brutalist department store, the projects are requested to reflect on both the history and the future of this Bangkok site. The loosely-defined program may be interpreted in many ways, and the judges placed particular focus on projects that displayed a strong concept that was clearly represented and logically expressed in the architecture.

Each entry was evaluated on a number of criteria, including but not limited to: strength and clarity of concept, originality, quality of presentation, appropriateness of scale, appropriateness to context, and most importantly, its strength as an artist community in Bangkok that welcomes the public to learn and grow in their shared creativity.

Competition results in media publications


1st Prize Winner

Project name

Bangkok Retreat Artists

This competition gave me an opportunity to build my imagination about architecture in a basic and original way.

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Authors Quyet Tien Ngo,
Country Vietnam

2nd Prize Winner

Project name


It is a great opportunity for me to participate in an international competition. My friend and I were very excited to join this competition and we tried our best to keep the idea so simple yet so fresh. I came up with a lot of imaginative perspectives after getting the competition brief from my friend and knew right away that I must participate in this competition.

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Country Thailand

3rd Prize Winner

Project name


We participate in architecture competitions in order to be part of something greater than ourselves, whether we are working with each other as a team, competing with other designers, and exploring the collective ideas. We love how the boundaries of ideas can be pushed by the collective beyond any limits that we could individually have conceived.

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Authors Win Rojanastien, Nuttapol Techopitch, Satavee Kijsanayotin ,
Country Thailand

Honorable Mentions

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Project name

The Oasis

Authors Nicolas Galand, Pauline Rault, Julien Deming,
Country France
Project name


Authors Carlotta Pichler, Maria Elena Beccaria Balduzzi, Stefano Marongiu,
Country Italy
Project name


Authors Alessandro Arcangeli, Silvio Pennesi,
Country Netherlands
Project name

Artist's Retreat Bangkok

Authors Céline Bianchi,
Country Italy
Project name


Authors Joseph Mills, Ramon Klaharn,
Country United States
Project name

Bangkok Artist's Retreat

Authors Mathias Gramoso, Clement Jacobzone,
Country Portugal