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The winners of Bangkok Artists Retreat architecture competition have been selected. Participants were tasked with repurposing an iconic yet dilapidated departments store in Bangkok’s old town shopping district into artists residences. The winning entries were chosen for the strength and clarity of their concept as well as its strength as an artist community in Bangkok that welcomes the public to learn and grow in their shared creativity.

The winning team from Vietnam staggered and stacked the building’s public and private spaces as a series of modules. Inside of each of these building blocks was both a public and private component which were distinguished by the variant spatial experiences of the two.

The Archipaper project from Thailand took second place for its compelling study of the process of making art. As one circulates through the project, long rolls of paper feature artist sketches and in-progress works. The Framework project, also from Thailand, took third place and implemented an abstract approach to its architecture. Rather than a series of programmed spaces, this scheme suggested that it is the inhabitation of the place that makes the architecture, rather than the architectural program predefining the inhabitation space.

View the designs and renderings in full on the Bangkok Artists Retreat portal, as well as a full commentary by our distinguished panel of judges on

1st Prize

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3rd Prize

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