The third edition of the "Workplace Reimagined" competition invites architects, designers, engineers, students, and creative thinkers worldwide to redefine the workspace of the future.

This international challenge aims to anticipate the evolving needs of a modern workforce that has increasingly embraced remote work. As we navigate this significant shift in work dynamics, participants are tasked with envisioning a flexible, sustainable, and digitally-integrated workspace for approximately 100 employees, which serves as an effective hub for collaboration, innovation, and productivity.


A critical aspect of the competition is the strategic selection of the site, either existing or theoretical, reflecting its unique attributes and potential. The design should incorporate considerations of flexibility and adaptability, sustainability, digital integration, human-centric design, community and culture, and multifunctionality. The challenge seeks innovative solutions that balance remote working trends with the necessity for physical spaces to foster a shared sense of identity and community. 

"Workplace Reimagined / Edition #3" is an exciting opportunity for the participants to reshape the professional landscape, reflecting the transformation brought about by the remote work revolution. The competition encourages the creation of future-proof workspaces that respond to a rapidly changing work environment, merge the physical and digital realms seamlessly, and prioritize the well-being of their users. Join us in creating a visionary blueprint for the workplace of the future.

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Competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). Correspondence with organizers must be conducted in English; All information submitted by participants must be in English

The full competition brief

The full competition brief can be downloaded as often as required; no additional information will be provided after registration.




7,000 €


3,000 €


1,500 €


1,000 €


1,000 €

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500 € 

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6 Honourable mentions & certificates


Buildner will acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.

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The competition winners will be granted an opportunity to submit a movie about themselves. The video will be published on Buildner's website and social networks.


The competition results will get international art and design media coverage and will be featured in the world’s leading architecture media outlets.

Key dates

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Jury members shall under no circumstances be contacted by competition participants or their representatives. Participants who attempt to contact jury members, shall be disqualified.

All jury members are involved in the evaluation based on their availability at that time. All communication regarding the competition should only be carried out with Buildner staff. For any questions please contact us on [email protected] 

Christina Choo Yoo

Cofounder at Atelier Cho Thompson


Ece Calguner Erzan

Interiors Principal at SOM


Ed Han Myo Oo

Senior Associate for Design at SHVO


Harsha Kotak

Founder of Women in Office Design


Frank Fliskow

architect at Make Architects


Primo Orpilla

Cofounder at Studio O+A


Juriaan van Meel

Co-founder of BriefBuilder


Katrina Yin

architect and design manager at JDS Development Group


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Yes we are in the process of negotiating with multiple international industry-related media representatives. The list of media partners is constantly updated on our website, please check it regularly to find latest updates.
Yes. If the jury panel selects a Student award's submission for the top 3, it will automatically be awarded both prizes.
Yes. If the jury panel selects a Sustainability award's submission for the top 3, it will automatically be awarded both prizes.
No. Competition entries are evaluated anonymously. The participant registration type is only revealed upon the announcement of the results.
Please contact us – [email protected] and we will address the problem directly.
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