Annual International Architecture Competition


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Buildner is pleased to announce the results of its first annual Virtual Home competition, part of the wider Virtual Architecture competition series. For the Virtual Home competition, architects and designers were asked to conceive of a home with no physical presence or limits.

First prize went to Roman Krajcarz, Marko Blazevic and Luka Jecic from Croatia, whose VH#10210 project included a deep analysis of background and reasoning for designing a virtual home. VH#10210 was a proposal for a virtually immersive web3 application based on the character of its users. “The project blended the realistic idea of space and architecture into the unrealistic setting of digital space.”

Second prize was awarded to Ipek Duzova, Ertug Erpek and Kaya Emre Gonencen from Turkey for their Virtual Memory project, which included the statement “A physical home nurtures our bodies….a virtual home should nurture our minds by responding to our virtual needs, which are: socializing, creating and resting.”

Third prize went to Shahd Serhan, Mariam Farrah and Rawan Da'na from Jordan - whose Neo-Dimension project references the film Inception, and proposes a “loop” that creates a dreamscape cubic home. Visit to see high res images as well as full jury comments for all our winners.

1st prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

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To access competion downloads please enter your email address:
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