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The winning submissions for the Buildner Trans Siberian Pit Stops architecture competition have been selected. The winning projects from the UK, Italy and Switzerland were chosen for their celebration of this historic railway. Each project showed the potential to become an iconic landmark in itself, and remained true to the heritage of the world’s longest and most popular railway journey.

Our first place winners from the UK created an iconic design that was both sustainable and rooted in the history of the railway. Combining traditional forms of architecture and the dynamic nature of the railway, our first prize winners created a bold geometric silhouette that was lifted off the ground, allowing for greater insulation during winter months.

Our second and third place winners from Italy and Switzerland respectively took a completely different approach. The former created designs for a simple, circular hut centred around a fireplace; while the latter designed a pavilion with a mirror exterior that would reflect on the different surroundings of each pit stop.

Finally a project submitted by students from the University of Cincinnati was chosen to receive our BB Student Award for most innovative student submission.

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