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The Big Tiny Coffee House Challenge invited participants to reinvent the staple of modern urban culture: the coffee shop. Participants were tasked with expanding the premise of the modern coffee shop, creating a design that could be easily replicated in miniscule locations across northern Europe. They were asked to look past the traditional lounge motif that permeates today’s coffee shop culture, and create a new iconic look for the caffeine dispensary. The jury’s primary focus when selecting winning projects was this iconic flair, showing preference for those designs that were easily recognisable, and as such could be used to build a brand around their structure/project.

First prize was awarded to the “Coffee Podium” by Lau Wai Lap from Hong Kong. Constructured predominantly from scaffolding, the Coffee Podium flipped the concept of a coffee house on its head, creating a temporary structure that revels in its pop-up nature. With room for a single barista on the elevated platform, the jury were incredibly impressed with this combination of iconic design and original thinking, all while imparting a minimal footprint that is easily constructed in any location.

Second prize was awarded to Ali Parva and Reza Khosravi from Old Dominion University in the USA. Their designs feature an eye-catching steeped entrance and adaptable seasonal layout, creating a unique and iconic look that has the potential to be easily integrated with the company’s brand identity. Third prize was awarded to Marco Di Pisa, Daphne Tarantino, and Marianna Di Salvo from Studio 2HB srl in Italy. Their pragmatic “AsHome” project follows design guidelines of the Scandinavian countries which are statistically the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. They created a warm and cosy environment, while at the same time organizing the space in a functional and harmonious way.

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