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Buildner is excited to announce the results of its 5th annual SKYHIVE Skyscraper Challenge in which participants examine the impact of skyscrapers on the natural world, community and the rest of the city.

Our first prize and our Student award went to an entry from Dong Young Kim and Young Hyun Choi of Yeungnam University in South Korea. Their City 2040 project is a design for a ‘microclimate control tower’ for the metropolitan city of Daegu, South Korea. “Besides the idea of a mixed-use building, the designer also wanted the building to assist with the urban heat that the city faces. Its heat pumps cause circulation, therefore breaking the heat sink.”

Second prize went to Edgar Rodriguez from the USA. His TIle Pile of CLT proposed a mixed-use tower that explored the architectural possibilities of cross-laminated timber for use in a modular high-rise.

Third prize and our Sustainability Award went to Yufei Liu, Fuyuan Xu, Huizhong Wang from the University of Jinan in China. Their Dharavi’s Redemption and Rebirth was designed for Mumbai’s largest slum and proposed a podium intended for conversion of waste into raw materials and energy for industry. See high res images and full jury comments for all our winning entries at

1st and Student award

2nd prize

3rd and Sustainability award