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The SKYHIVE 2019 Skyscraper Challenge is in the series by Buildner which looks to generate design ideas for iconic high rise buildings in cities around the globe. This second annual SKYHIVE competition built upon last year’s imaginative examinations of the relationships between skyscrapers and the natural world, the community, and the city.

First prize was awarded to a student entry from The University of Hong Kong by Ka Wah Francis Cheung. The Mobius Tower project created a landscape in the air by embedding a skyscraper with a host of new vertical connections. With further exploration, this new floor construction could revolutionise planning for housing and offices.

Second prize was awarded to Federico Fauli from Italy, whose project ‘Coscienza Intuitiva’ would serve as a new form of public space and as a project constantly undergoing transformation, formed by stacking historical architectural elements into a vertical repository of culture and identities. Third prize was awarded to Tesseract, another student project, this time from Bryant Lau Liang Cheng of the National University of Singapore. Tesseract allows residents to take part in the design of their own units, causing the tower to be dependant on the specific needs of the residents.

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1st Prize

SKYHIVE 2019 1st prize winners

2nd Prize

SKYHIVE 2019 2nd prize winners

3rd Prize

SKYHIVE 2019 3rd prize winners