Bee Breeders architecture competition organiser and its judges were excited by the proposals submitted to the Revival of the Silo design competition. More than 70 submissions were received from around the world, and these put forth a number of innovative ideas for the renewal and reuse of this former canning factory site in Redtory, Guangzhou, China.

The three winning entries will be awarded a total of $5,000 USD Winning proposals were chosen for their ability to convey a number of strong attributes: the vision showed great potential to revitalize this former factory site as an exciting new space for artists and designers; architecturally, the design managed to take advantage of the circular nature of the silo, to make use of the site in new and inventive ways; and, importantly, the project was well-delivered, with a strong concept evident in the design. Below, the judges describe their interpretation of the three winning projects.

Revival Of The Silo

1st Prize Winner

Project name


Authors Lok Sung Lai, Wan Tao Cheung, Man Ying Cheng, Wai To Chan
Country Hong Kong

2nd Prize Winner

Project name


Authors Hugues Leclercq, Grégoire Jobbé-Duval, Bénédicte Gourdon, Wang Li Chun
Country France

3rd Prize Winner

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Authors Eva Maria De Marco, Agnese Canziani, ,
Country Italy

Honorable Mentions

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Authors Qiaorou Lu, Jiabin Cai, ,
Country China
Project name


Authors Tommaso Modesti, David Varone, ,
Country Italy
Project name


Authors Vasileios Nikolopoulos, Vassilios Vavutios, Andronikos Vandoros, Christina Petsiou
Country Greece
Project name


Authors Nadja Korbut, , ,
Country South Korea
Project name


Authors Jimenez Lai, Joanna Grant, ,
Country Russian Federation