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The Archhive-Books' Portable Reading Rooms competition looked to bring together and implement ideas from around the world that would create a simple but important space to allow more opportunities for reading. Winners of this competition, organised by Buildner, were chosen based on their ability to be implemented, and also for their innovative thinking.

First prize was awarded to Lorenzo Sizzi and Müge Yürüten from Italy who proposed a 9m² wooden open-air platform topped by an enclosure of iridescent foil. Their 'Nameless Sky' project simply contained two interior seats and bookshelves accessible from the perimeter. It is a symbolic project. It forces users to bend down to pick up books or to sit within the structure, emphasizing reading as an act requiring concentration and work.

Second and third prizes were awarded to Renata Wuerkert from Brazil and Wenhao Nie from Nanchang University in China respectively. The two projects varied wildly from a simple modular tent-like structure comprised of wooden panels, to an urban landmark structure feature gas-filled balloons that grabs the attention of the public.

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1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize